Thursday, August 18, 2011

Drawn to Light

Taken August 1, 2011.

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  1. Light, please, yes...right this way. I could totally use it.

    Remember how I wanted yesterday to be a better day? Well, in some ways it was (workplace stuff was fun & day went by fast).

    In others, not so much. I got the official word from my publisher that they will not be continuing my series past this next book (the one that comes out in 2 wks).

    I did expect this, but it's still a blow.

    I now officially hate August.

    In other news, the CT scan was quite interesting. They injected an iodine dye for contrast--made my entire body feel as if a live coal had been shoved in my core, but only for a couple of minutes. Not painful, just really odd. The entire procedure took about 10 minutes, and that included them explaining it to me.

    Results to my doc in 2-3 days, so I expect I probably won't hear anything from her until Monday.

    Insomnia last night led to 1000 words on a new short story. So at least I was productive.

    I'm soooo glad it's my Friday! Appraiser guy from other driver's insurance is coming by tomorrow morning to look at my car. Other than that, I have no plans for the weekend other than...wait for it...

    I am going to be reading/recording audiobooks of my series. (okay, so that *was* a good thing from yesterday)

    I am working with Wildside Press (who was a stakeholder/originator of the Pocket Books agreement) and John @ WP has been auditioning candidates and they've all been bad. So I said, what the heck. I have the equipment (professional mic & GarageBand app). John loves the idea.

    I'll start recording over the weekend and hope to have the first book ready in a couple of weeks. It's rather tedious work, but I'm looking forward to it.

    Cheers, all!

  2. Maria, I'm so sorry about the publisher. Even tho you expected it, it still sucks. :( Hopefully it'll open you up to a new opportunity - looking for that silver lining. And getting to read your own books is very cool! I always enjoy hearing the author on audiobooks...

    Hope your Fake Friday goes better.

    I used GarageBand for the first time the other night, to record a song I was working on - it worked really well, what little I did with it!

    Dogs are fed and walked. Now I have a song to write. Hope everyone has a good Thursday -

  3. The pic reminds me of a question I've asked many times in the past… why don't moths try to fly to the moon (they're asleep during the day so they don't try that with the sun).

    (From yesterday) Janet, I think the hot/corn dog thing is more for the consumption (pun intended) of the people on-site, not so much intended as a photo-op. Lets the locals identify with them, (wo)man of the people and all that crapola. Still, it's both amusing and disturbing to see a pic of Bachmann with a weiner in her mouth. :-P

    I hope Wayne & Danni have fun in the parade!

    Beth, I've used GarageBand to record The Boy's music. There are some things Audacity does better, some that GarageBand does better… if I could only combine the two (and that would probably be the rather expensive Logic program). Enjoy the beach!

    Maria, I saw your news on other venues yesterday as well. The whole industry seems to be in state of major turmoil at this time. For those of us on the outside looking in, the traditional route has a couple of rockslides in the way and a bridge out. (I use an industrial blender to mix my metaphors.)

    Braves lost last night. The pitching squad just wasn't getting the job done, but they did get the (thin) crowd on their feet in the bottom of the 9th with a rally that fell short. We had decent seats in the left field stands, which was nice; and a $15 voucher on our tickets for food & drink, even nicer given that a can of beer is $7 in the stadium.

    Still, I had a pretty good day — started working with a tweep (Sara "S.M." Reine, author of Six Moon Summer) on a book cover for White Pickups, and the first draft… well hey, my first book cover, you probably know how I felt! I was hoping some of you who have read the would have a look & let me know if it works. Now c'mon beta-readers, get that feedback in!

  4. Sending hugs, good thoughts and thank god for virtual Fridays as appropriate.

  5. (((Maria))) sorry.


    maybe some of my homemade Andes Mint Chip ice cream will help?

    It came out really good last!

    See you guys after Seaside. Then I'll have to start plotting about Farf's coming to Portland. Hey Farf, do you have any food allergies or preferences? Diabetic?

  6. Janet, no (known) allergies or sensitivities. I try to avoid salty food for high BP & high-fat stuff for cholesterol, but all things in moderation, right? Vegetarian is cool, I like spicy food and seafood and food in general. ;-) That ice cream looks good, too…

  7. I'm glad you've got the audio book deal, Maria, to help make up for the crap news from the publisher.

    Ooh, Beth -- you have to post links to mp3's at your blog (hey, it worked for the beach photo).

    Just like the rest of us who are doing staycations, they can't afford the fuel, Farf. I like the feel of the cover but I think I'd like it better if the pickup were in the foreground and the people in the background. Or maybe just the pickup and an arm holding the rifle.

    Your ice cream looks scrumptious, Janet.

  8. Thanks! it's vegan.

    1 14 oz can of Coconut Milk.
    (Canned not the carton. Asian Aisle not the Liquor -Pina Colada type)
    1 1/4 cup Almond milk (or any nut milk - soy or rice milk just sucks)
    1/2 cup sugar
    1 teaspoon peppermint flavoring (extract has alcohol in it which might upset the freezing time)
    Mix and add to your ice cream maker
    During the final 5 minutes of ice cream machine freezing, add 4 oz of chocolate chips.

    Was good and creamy.

    As to staycations, we just like vacation in the Portland/Coast area. And it's Green and Sustainable. We're supporting the local economy with our "Staycation" plans. :)

    It'll be so nice to just be able to mee you Farf!

  9. Farf, I like the dark cover. The colors are "suspensful" if that makes sense. More view of the pick up might be useful. I have always seen the truck as more beat the eff up. :) Some dentage.

    Faces on covers. I like the mystery of creating my own faces for the people. Or at least faces that are shadowed enough that you have a vague idea.

    But whoo hooo for you!!! A cover. I can't imagine the excitement.

  10. Soon it'll be a movie.