Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Drawn to Fire

Taken July 30, 2011.

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  1. ... continued from yesterday.

    Glad you've arrived safely, Beth. BTW, I hear there's a body of water somewhere around there that is often used by the locals for escaping the heat and humidity. ;)

  2. Wow, that orange jumps off the screen, andi!! How gorgeous!

    Oh yeah, I have heard that rumor...might have to check it out tomorrow! Thanks for the reminder. :)

    Happy Tuesday, y'all!

  3. Howdy howdy folks… bad FARf's been bad about getting over here. cue usual excuses

    The manor has undergone one of its periodic boarder-cleansings… Lobster is now the only one left, and he gets a bye because he helps Mrs. Fetched with the chickens on weekends. More on the blog…

  4. Pretty pretty!!

    Thanks for last night's hugs, all. I was feeling a bit less than social, so I didn't post.

    Farf, congrats on the clearing of house. I still can't fathom that DD is a SENIOR.

    Janet, re: the MJ - I only wish that I could get medical MJ in Virginia. Sadly, we are behind that particular curve. :(

    Today has to be better, right?

  5. Hi, all.

    Maria, here's hoping.

  6. OMFG!!! Holy Stanley Cup Oregon Trail History!!

    The Stanley Cup will be in Portland and a few local ice rinks my husband actually skated at!!!! Today and tomorrow. We can't see it today in Sherwood because Wayne can't PA from work today even though it's 53rd bday today.


    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! I can't tell you how excited everyone here is --- well at least in this house.

    hockey hockey --- Waves and jumps around.

    It's the FIRST time every Lord Stanley's Cup which is the hardest sports trophy to win will be in Oregon. The first effing time!

    Did I mention it's the Stanley Cup? :D

  7. I'll be expecting, Beth, to see very specific indications that the reminder took hold over at your blog.

    Gosh Farf, how will you ever deal with all that peace and quiet? Oh well, I'm sure you'll struggle though it. ;)

    Perfectly well understood, Maria. Wishing a much, much better rest of the week.

    Hiya Dina.

    Well Janet, I really hesitate to leap to any unwarranted conclusions but I'm getting some hints that you are excited about something or other.

  8. What a gorgeous swath of blue, Beth. The picture made me want to go stand on the pier and just drink it in.

  9. The beach was packed, so I didn't venture onto the sand. But I will in the morning, before the crowds arrive! St. Augustine Beach, down by the pier. Wish you could stand on the pier with me! (But you have to pay $1...)

  10. As appealing as the picture is and the thought of being on that pier with you, there's no way anyone could get me on there ... or anywhere in Florida in August (or for that matter, any other place in the Southern Humidisphere).