Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Drawn to Dark

Taken August 2, 2011.

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  1. Scribble!

    Work is taking us to a Braves game this evening, so I packed a cap & shorts. Not sure how much work I'll get done.

    From yesterday:
    Andi, Mason will provide all the noise we need.

    Janet, I assume you're going to gaze on the Holy Hockey Grail in person? On a conference call with our Beaverton office, they said, "hey, we have to have a party while FARf's here." Between you & Wayne & the co-workers, looks like I won't be lacking for stuff to do while off-duty!

    Beth, I need to go check out your pic… piers nearby are great when you have a kid who wants to go fishing. (That was The Boy, age 13-ish.) Less than half the price of one Dizzy ticket for the entire week, including bait.

    OK, off to check a few more things before work…

  2. Today has already started off well. Co-worker brought in fabulous Mexican breakfast from a local eatery. Breakfast tacos (or burritos, as they are known here), chips, queso and salsa. It's like I'm in Texas again! (the good part of Texas)

    Beth, loved the pier pic! But, as Andi said last night, anywhere south of here in August is anathema.

    Doing my CT scan this evening at 6. Wish me luck!

  3. Yeah, it's pretty toasty, Maria. But there's usually a sea breeze in St Augustine, so that helps alleviate some of the sultry-ness.

    Took my friends to the airport this morning, so tomorrow morning I plan to hit the beach. Looks like I'll be cat-sitting for the first few weeks of September in Ponte Vedra (just north of here), and THEN will find my own place to live. Unless some rich man invites me to live in his guest house in Belize!

    I guess I need to learn to fish, Farf!

    Happy Hump Day, y'all!

  4. Big shout out to KMc!

    Wisconsin Dems and Indies (and Zombies) are my heroes.

    Of course the media (I don't call it the press or journalism) will spin it around for the delusional GOP and Mad Hatters.

    Now we need to fight to keep the USA from being like Texas.

    What's up with the GOP "We the Corporatists" doing photo ops with big weiners in their gaping maws? Disgusting. The photos of Bachmann, her Marcus and now Perry all shoving hot dogs into their mouths.... ew.

  5. Here's a link to a comment in anothers activists diary about Wisconsin that I've been following.

    That should work, right? Has some photos of me and my signs. From the March Rally where we also showed our support for Workers Rights and Wisconsin.

    Yay KMc!

  6. Una Mas. Just got word:

    Wayne has accepted an invite to ride (on his bike) in the Beaverton parade as an honorable representative of Meals on Wheels and Loaves and Fishes. He'll be riding with the 3 people who started it as well as another guy who helped jump start Meals on TWO Wheels. Danni will be either riding along or sitting on the float as she volunteers in the kitchen.

    Stop Hunger. It can be done. World Hunger could be stopped in one day if the people really cared. And no Military Defense Funds needed either.

    PS Wayne was invited to attend some big high brow award ceremony in Portland last year to honor the volunteers but he declined because...

    There was a hockey game on that night he wanted to watch with us.

  7. Waves to. Had a whirlwind visit with a friend and am happy but exhausted!

    Hugs, good luck and well down as applicable!

  8. Well Farf, nice work if you can get it.

    Luck well wished, Maria.

    Not a bad plan to hit beaches, Beth -- all that sand makes for a nice soft landing. :)

    Great pictures, Janet. Props to Wayne.

    Hi Dina. Glad to hear you a good visit with a good friend.