Thursday, August 25, 2011


Taken August 8, 2011.

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  1. Pretty — ours just turn brown after they bloom out.

    Making slow but steady progress on Pickups and Pestilence, even at 300 words/night I could start serializing it and stay far ahead. But I'm hoping to do without that particular crutch this time, just to see if I can.

    From yesterday: Andi, down south they use those portable pavilion things for picnics all the time, so it wasn't much of a stretch. :-)

    Janet, my college roomie lives in Silly Valley. Even way back in the 80s, he was talking about how housing costs made it difficult to fill service positions like you mentioned. Even luxuries like police, fire, EMTs, were a problem because they couldn't live anywhere near the jobs. Although the economy is self-correcting, long-term, it doesn't mean we can (or should) ignore the very real suffering caused by imbalances in the system.

    It's mime time… later!

  2. I want a crown!! I think I bloody well deserve one. :)

    Aftershock overnight @ 1:08 a.m. (4.5) - I did feel it, but was rather half-sleep muzzled and didn't really register it as OMGQUAKE. No toys dove off shelves as with the one on Tuesday.

    We're all bracing for Irene. I'm praying really hard that the storm decides to cut east into the ocean. That said, I'm ready. Matches (for the gas stove); lantern, plenty of water. Freezing a bunch of water in little plastic containers in case of power outage (to keep food cold).

    Lots of canned goods, kitty food & litter.

    iPad & Kindle all charged up.

    Hoping that my prep is for naught!

    Thursday sliding into Friday....


  3. Sorry Irene decided to visit the NE instead of FL this year, Maria. Hopefully she doesn't stay long...

    The dogs parents are home, so I'm off duty until Sunday, when I become Cat Surrogate Mom. Back to looking for a job.

    Happy Thursday, y'all.

  4. Hi, all. Crowns to everyone.

    Irene is supposed to hit here just as I am on the way to Providence. Hopefully, the drive won't be too bad. Or the hit.

  5. Hey ho…

    Maria, looks like you've got the preparations down — you've learned well, young Padawan! :-D If your windows face south or east, you might want to throw a roll of packaging tape on the pile (and tape a big X in each window Sat. night), and add some Goo-Gone to get the sticky crap off your window afterwards. I assume your apartment doesn't have storm shutters, nor are they going around putting plywood on your Nth-story window.

    On the projected track, you'll be on the left side of Irene, where the wind won't be quite so bad. Even if it tracks west and you get a direct hit, it will weaken going through NC/VA. But it looks like NYC and New England are going to get whacked pretty good (sorry Dina).

  6. Farf, that's a "before" picture.

    Earthquakes, aftershocks, and hurricanes -- life is certainly interesting out east. I'm glad to be in the boring midwest.

    Good luck with cats and jobs, Beth.

    Be careful Dina. That could be treacherous.

  7. As for taping windows, to not have to deal with the icky sticky crap, use that blue painter's tape.

    Farf, yeah, the average commute in the Bay Area (Calif) is 2 - 3 hours one way.

    As I recall, Andi, the midwest had it's share of Sybil weather. Ice, Floods, you name it.

    I'm kinda bleaked out so I won't post more today. Unless I pull this bug out of my butt. (What happens when I dare to look at the "news" aka media hype and propaganda.

  8. Latest forecast is that it will hit NJ on Sunday by which time I will be safely (hopefully) in Providence!

    Thanks for the good thoughts - this trip is very important to me as my aunt and uncle are in their late 80s and in poor health so this may be my last chance to see them.