Friday, August 12, 2011

And the Rains Came

Taken July 30, 2011.

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  1. ... continued from yesterday.

    Looks like you found a good replacement for black pasta, Beth. Have a good drive today and tomorrow.

  2. Thanks, andi! Not so sure it's a fitting replacement, and not nearly as yummy, but it was fun.

    Good Friday to all - I'm heading south! Enjoy the rain...clear skies in Boston.

  3. Morning, all!

    Beth, I wave at you as you whiz by. :)

    Today, I have successfully accomplished the "get the ginormous pile o'cardboard boxes out of the way' task in prep for the arrival of my new chair. Dragged that sucker down to the loading dock, along with 2 bags of trash (cat litter & regular). Next, it's stripping the bed time. Whee...

    I iz dork.

    Wishing Mr. Kelly a wonderful natal day & a happy Friday to the rest of you all.

  4. Happy Friday! Love this picture though it looks like alien eyes to me.

    Maria, hope the chair is perfect!

    Waves to Beth though she is probably long past me by now.

    Happy birthday to the Kelly man!

    I hope you are all enjoying the same wonderful weather we have here.

  5. Happy Liberal Beerday to KMc! Hope the furry critters who cohabitate with you made you a card or something. Those damn free loading felines :)

    Turning my lumps into sugar cubes... doctors orders are doctors orders.

    Going to now focus on Seaside trip.

    Took my Waffle maker out of the box. OMG.. I made the BEST Orange Cornmeal Waffles. Wayne and kids said they were the best waffles they've ever had. I had to make an extra, extra batch to fill their demands for more. They reminded me of those orange cinabuns.

  6. Happy Birthday, Kelly!!

    Have a good trip to Virgina, Beth.

    Gosh, Maria, you are awfully productive on a day off. Must be nap time (in your new chair?) about now.

    I am enjoying the wonderful weather immensely, Dina. I want it to last and last.

    Ooh Janet, that sounds yummy. I think we're all coming to your house for breakfast tomorrow. ;)

  7. OMG! Neil Gaiman will be in Portland, Oregon on November 7th!!! That's ten days befoer my bday. He's a fellow Scorpio.

    He was just here not long ago up in Seattle but the tickets went POOF. (This is not an appeal for free tickets or anything!)

    But there's no venue or tangible announcement except for dates. I think this is why some tweet/twitter. They get this thing called "up to the minute info" with that stuff. Of which, I am clearly too old to understand or fark with.

    Smacks Kelly with a green pole of Gaiman envy. :)

    I also checked: there was no Pootie Birthday Blogging at KMc's place. They must be all tuckered out... or plotting.

  8. Orange Cornbread Waffles - Makes 4 7 inch round Belgian style

    Combine and Whisk Dry Ingredients in a medium bowl:
    1 Cup All Purpose Flour
    3/4 Cup Yellow CornMEAL
    1/4 Cup Yelllow CornFLOUR
    (not cornstarch! Bob's Red Mill carries both)
    2 Tablespoons Granulated Sugar
    1 Tablespoon Baking Powder
    1/8 Teaspoon Fine Salt/Sea Salt

    Combine in another bowl:
    3/4 Cup Orange Juice
    3/4 Cup Milk or Almond/Soy/Rice Milk
    1 Tablespoon Canola Oil

    Pour wet ingredients into dry, mix by hand till combined.

    Use with your wafflemaker as per your machines idiosynchrosies :) The batter is "poofy" so once you ladle some of the batter into your machine you'll need to spread it around a bit with a spatula.

    We slathered them with real butter and warmed maple syrup. I think they'd be perfect with strawberries or applesauce. My husband is about to turn 53 and said they were the best he's ever had. They are sweet but the they have a bit of nutritional bang to them and are quite filling. But I'd double the recipe.

    Oh and the Dsylexia Gods checked my measurements. :D Enjoy.

  9. Way cool, Janet. I hope you get to see him. And many thanks for the recipe.

  10. It's a keepah! I shared it with my hockey friends, too.

    And yest, the recipe doesn't call for eggs... it's actually a vegan recipe but the almond milk can be ditched for regular milk. I have it for the dairy-free aspect of my health needs.

  11. I waved as I passed Dina and Maria. I drive thru PA instead of dealing with NY/NJ/DC/Baltimore traffic, so I wasn't anywhere close to youz. But I wish I could have stopped and visited! This is a whirlwind trip indeed.

    Safely in VA, watching the Redskins and recovering from 10 hours of driving. 4 more tomorrow, and then I stop for a day. Then 12 more, and I stop for a lotta days!!!

    Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!