Monday, July 18, 2011

Zen Sniff Ponders the Unbearable Lightness of Being

... unable to catch that squirrel.

Taken July 10, 2011.

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  1. Still waiting on some sunlight to ponder. Unfortunately I have been waiting for the past 2 hours. Maybe a day for a nap after a bike ride. Hope everyone gets their week off to a good start.

  2. It's quiet in here this morning. Just Jim, insomnia, and me with a floppity Billy Jack purring in my lap.

    didn't check for any raptors

    Keep an eye out while you're on that bike ride and don't let them follow you home. This time around they're masked as gangs of predatory investment capitalists, and they seem to view full farmhouses as oysters rockefeller, gorging on the contents and then leaving the empty shells to litter the nation.

    Mary, thanks so much for the weather, 'preciate it, I'll have fun searching through the Aeolus & Deluca catalog to find some appropriate way to reciprocate to you & Kansas. ;p

    Best wishes to everyone!

  3. Quick hi to all. Off to the gym.

  4. This Monday is fired.

    * had problems getting into garage @ the mimes (stupid gate arm was stuck)
    * forgot my keycard @ home
    * writing documentation for a surprise!training session for tomorrow
    * horrible heat wave hit today & it's only going to get hotter

    WOE IS ME... ::g::

    I am sooo glad for a/c!

  5. My favourite photo!

    Yesterday was three digit weather here, and we had the worst windstorm I've ever experienced. The critters may not have finished off the plants, but yesterday's wind had the few remaining blowing - yes, blowing - all over the garden. I stupidly ran out to salvage them and thought I was going to die - the wind scared me so much, I may have screamed a time or two. The trees were bent at 45º angles and I thought for sure they were coming down or out at the roots. (Many did in the city, crushing cars, and the power is still out in some areas, took down the main stage at our annual bluesfest while a band was performing!). Siding came off the house. Thankfully it only lasted 15 minutes, then we had ferocious hail and rain. But those winds ... horrible feeling.

  6. Kitty in a lap sounds like a nice way to start the day, Jen. And *snort* on the catalog.

    Hi Dina. Have a good workout.

    Maria -- oy vey!!!

    Candis -- oy vey!!! Plus oy gevalt!!!

  7. Candis, from the online reports it seems as if you had winds near hurricane force, which must have been absolutely terrifying. I'm so glad you're okay, and hope your property damage is minor.