Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weaving a Spell

Taken July 5, 2011.

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  1. ... continued from last night.

    Farf, according to Sniff: there's only so much chasing squirrels, chipmunks, and deer a dog can do -- sometimes ya gotta just lie down on the couch and let the garden get demolished.

    Beth, low 80s and some rain sound just delightful. I would take as many days of that as I could get. Hope you get to resurface from work often and enjoy CDA.

    ... back to today.

    Today is our last below 90 day for at least a week. :(

  2. Oooooh pretty.

    ::waves at everyone, hands Farf an ice pack and a vicodin::

  3. So glad the weekend is here even though it is already packed with must-do things including a wedding shower for my cousin. Co-ed thank god.

    Waves to eveyone.

    We had a nice break with temps only in the low 90s. Heading back up to the 3 digits. Sigh.

  4. Hi,all. Very tired but for a wonderful reason. Saw Paul McCartney at Yankee Stadium last night. I can't believe he is 69 - he did almost 3 hours straight and it was fabulous.

    The traffic leaving the stadium, not so much so I didn't get home until 2 AM. Thus the tired!

  5. Dina I got to see Sir Paul back in 89 before Wayne pulled out to sea. He was awesome. Traffic sucked, too. Barely got Wayne back to the ship on time. Didn't even have time for some Send the Sailor off to Sea S-E-X. :D

    Can't complain about the weather. I'm home in the Northwest. Sun then drizzle. Showers then cloudy-sun. I loooove it.

    Been testing new possibilities for the 2011 - 2012 Hockey Munchies.

    Made my incredible Beer Battered Sweet Onion Rings and I knew I could make them better. Try this: Put shaved parmesean or/Asiago cheese on them right out of the fryer. OMFG! I'm not supposed to have cheese, but I tried some. Oh yeah!

    Last night I used my beer batter with extra smoked paprika and tarragon and I fried asparagus and then dipped them in a French onion dip. Ooo La La.

    I allowed myself to slide into a depressing round. I let it spiral into me taking the car and sitting out in the valley and gave myself a good cry. Then called Wayne and cried some more. I couldn't understand why I was so blue. But alot has happened and I keep trying to march along through it. Personal and political. Plus all the emotions this week of some pretty intense customer crisis stuff. It all just whomped me down. Plus one of the meds is a bad trigger for some extreme emotions so I need to watch that.

    Got a call about my interview but I worked too late to call them. So was told to call then Sunday. I don't know - I keep relistening to the voice mail and I don't know if it's good news or not. Either way, I'm good where I'm at. Wayne doesn't think I should accept the new store and just stay where I am. He says, "stay where you're loved.".

    Sorry for blathering. I love coming here.

    Candis, Farf, Jim - I'm really trying to do those "magical" things like putting up food. First, I'm doing the "make do or do without". And I'm really doing well with the worm composting. Can see a huge difference in almost every flower/bush outside. Amazing! Also been using "Grounds to Ground". My garden of flowers just LOVE coffee grounds. Slugs HATE them though. I've been putting "coffee circles" around my slug happy plants and not one slug is near my entire patio area.

    Squirrels... that's another matter. But they are fun to look at and they seeem to be leaving my sweet snap peas alone.


  6. Some really neat sites I think Candis, Farf and Jim would like:

    Guy using coffee grounds and how to get them or ask your local coffee shop to save them for you. (Most of the really cool places have then bagged for you or in buckets)

    "Root Simple is about back to basics, DIY living, encompassing homegrown vegetables, chickens, herbs, hooch, bicycles, cultural alchemy, and common sense. We're always learning, figuring stuff out, taking advantage of the enormous smarts of our friends and our on-line community, and trying to give some of that back in turn. Root Simple is a gathering place for everyone. Welcome."

    This is one of my favorite links/magazines to tell customers about who have issues with allergies or have a loved one who is on a special diet. Most of the recipes I've made because they are so good even if I'm just dairy free, I even try the GF and others.

    Mary Jane's Farm is something I subsribe too. I bought the magazine because of it's cover. All organic tomatoes (mine turned into a slug salad bar last year but oh well) But it talks alot about all those wonderful abilities and skills we either gave up or lost.

    But this site is fantastic: Urban Homestead. Lots of these types are here in Portland and Beaverton. In fact at my store we sell so many books about homestead, urban pioneers and small container gardens as well as "Food Not Lawns".

    I don't have any edibles yet in my garden but I am getting more GREEN and more creative.

    Enjoy! What's your favorite DIY links?

  7. Morning all! Andi, that's a good point… if they keep coming, the dogs get worn out sooner or later…

    Jen, thanks for the virtual icepack & vicodin. It (along with the IRL aspirin & rum) seemed to help. Knee's not 100% this morning, but it's useable. I made blueberry pancakes & turkey bacon for breakfast.

    Weather is actually cooperating for a change: overcast, not even breaking 80 yesterday. I had my car windows up all afternoon & the car wasn't hot — unusual for July. It's going to threaten rain today, and we might actually get some since we're going to the resort this afternoon. The boys will get some pool time.

    McCartney sounds like fun. The traffic, not so much. When they have big concerts in the ATL, we usually park at a MARTA station & take the train. There's the big dogpile getting aboard for the trip out, but the wait can be fun too.

    Janet, yes, coffee grounds are magical! Kitchen scraps (including coffee) and lawn clippings go in the top of the composter box and dirt comes out the bottom! I think Wayne has some good advice, stay where you're loved, but you should check out the other store anyway. Just to see what it's about.

    My #FridayFlash seems to have resonated — not getting the hits or comment volume some other stories have, but nearly everyone who's commented thinks it's YA gold. But I've got to finish White Pickups first.

  8. Jen, hope you are doing better - sometimes we just need to have a good cry and allow ourselves to be down.

    Farf, I have mobility issues that really eliminate mass transit in NYC.

    We were prepared for traffic but got stuck behind an idiot driver that would not move through a light unless there was room on the other side. So everyone from the second lane cut in front of him. We sent through at least 10 lights without moving.

  9. Lovely shot, Andi.

    Big hugs for Jen, whom I keep just missing.

    MaryB, hope your weekend is perfect.

    Dina, that sounds like a blast.

    Janet, hugs your way as well. Hope the blues let you go and stay away for a while.

    FarF, sorry to hear about the knee. Damn things are a terrible design.

    Hit 191lbs yesterday, which puts me back at my weight in 1986 at age 19. The running, biking, and weightlifting are doing wonders, though it's all a lot less fun here in the soggy heart of summer. Need to go make some words now. See y'all later.

  10. Hey 19! The fine Colombian... :)

    Congrats on getting to your old weight! Shall we start calling you "SugarPants"?

    Da Blues don't stay too long. I'm a Scorpio. I like to dive down into the depths of hell every now and zen. Don't know why, I just do. Not a depressed type of person but I do have my swings it seems. Broken alot of chains so a few kinks is bound to happen. Or maybe I do battle depression and I'm always winning except for some clogs or ruts along the journey. Just seems my lows are very low - although brief.

    Off to the Velodrone (bike champion racing today) I thought it was called Beetledrone... hearing loss is soooooooooooo fun sometimes. ;)

  11. Hi Jen. Can you hand me some cooler weather?

    Eek, Mary, triple digits. Though I have to admit I'd rather be out in triple digits temps than go to a wedding (or baby) shower.

    How cool, Dina. But ugh on the traffic.

    That asparagus sounds amazing, Janet. I hope you feel better soon. And thanks for all the interesting links to go look at.

    Off to read your Friday Flash, Farf.

    Wowie zowie, Kelly. That's quite an accomplishment.

  12. Do you know how nice Andi and Jim and Jen are??? They drove to visit me in Yellow Springs! I can't even tell you how much I appreciated that, and how wonderful it was to see them. Jen is adorable. ADORable. I already knew that Andi and Jim are adorable. We sat in "my" living room and chatted the afternoon away. Also, Jen makes damned find cookies, of which I ate. . .all.

    I love the internet.

    What beautiful photos this week.

  13. It was worth every mile, Nancy. We had a wonderful time. Hope you have an easy trip home.

  14. I got home a few hours ago, Andi. I didn't want to leave. I WILL be back. You can take that as promise or threat. :) I like the state that I keep saying you live in though you don't.

  15. Glad you got home safely and had a great time. I was going to say something about the right-wing politics in Ohio but then I remembered who your governor was ... so never mind. ;)

  16. My governor, arrgh. He destroyed our arts commission--costing us thousands in order to look good saving pennies--and then his wife has the nerve to launch a book festival to further their political aspirations. I am boycotting that festival where I am supposed to receive an award for "Scent" being named a "Kansas Notable Book." No way I'm going to a reception at the mansion and smile at them when they've hurt my artist friends and all the little towns that depend on the teensy bits of state aid they received until Brownback cut them off. End of hrrmph rant.

  17. Excellent rant and good on you for boycotting the festival and standing up for all those great places and people you introduced to us.