Friday, July 15, 2011

Twists and Turns of Life

Taken July 3, 2011.

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  1. Ooh, I get to break the big white wall. Hi folks. Have reached air with the digging again. Hoping to resume something like a normal relationship to life soonest. Hope all is going well for everyone.

  2. Hola, Kelly!

    My morning somewhat resembles the twisty branches of today's tree pic.

    Up early so I could get a head start on the errands, yet, of course, there were wrenches in the works. Got car inspected (emissions & state); then off to the very well-hidden Comcast office to turn in the old modem. OMG, it's like they don't want you to find the freaking service center.

    Finally found it, then headed back toward home with a stop first to get my hairs cut & colored. Yep, decided to go very funky with an extremely short cut and a wild lava red tint.

    Thanks to my stupid digestive system, instead of completing the rest of my errands, I had to hurry back home.

    At least I have fun hair!

    I do find it quite ironic that both the cat & I seem to have similar issues with sinus & wonky digestive systems. Go figure.

    On that note, I think I'm going to veg the rest of the day. I have tix for HP: DH2 on Sunday with friends. I'm looking forward to it!

    Happy Saturday, all!

  3. Neato! Nicely framed. I love that one green stem sprouting up in the middle. :)

    Sad tales from the garden: the groundhog ate my sweet pepper, the chipmunks ate my sugar snap pea seedlings, the golden tortoise beetles are eating my morning glory, the squirrels are eating my wooden bird feeder (yes, the wood), and my parents' cat (cat-sitting at the moment) jumped onto my kitchen windowsill late last night and ate my catnip seedlings. Nature, I give up! ;-)

  4. Hi Kelly. Thanks for facing down the white bull. Hope you get back to real life soon.

    Maria, I hope you jad a great veg out day

    Candis, my dad was a gardener. He grew wonderful veggies. If people could taste the fresh veggies in the summer or canned and frozen produce the rest of the year that he & mom grew and put up, cows, pigs, and chickens would be endangered species. I keep thinking I should try to take up the family tradition. Thanks for the reminder of why I don't.

  5. lol Jim! I can't imagine the trouble you'd have there in the woods, considering the damage the city critters are creating. :)

  6. Thanks for clearing the VGW, Kelly. Looking forward to your return from the underworld. :)

    Love the haircut, Maria. It looks very cool -- in both senses of the word. Sympathy to you (and the kitty) for the health problems.

    Ah Candis, if you can't keep a garden safe in the city, Jim and I have no hope (as I see Jim has also realized).

  7. But wouldn't The Pack chase off the critters? Even if they are just trying to play with them?

    Great ivy shot, Andi. Twists & turns indeed.

    Speaking of twists, I did something to my knee, so it's wanting to be a pain. Literally. It was fine this afternoon. Dunno what happened.

  8. Emerging to say hi before diving back into work. DID take a day to wine taste in Walla Walla with girlfriends yesterday - that's turned into a gorgeous area, from less than auspicious beginnings. Lots of wineries, good food, beautiful drive through the Palouse. Now back in CDA, wishing you all were here.

    The weather continues to be stellar for those of us who love low 80's and occasional rain. Those awaiting hot summer temps are still waiting.

    Hi Jen!! Glad you had the chance to visit with NP and the Fs - envious, I am.

    Waving to everyone else...have a great weekend, and enjoy the full moon!