Saturday, July 2, 2011

Through Rose-Colored Lenses

Taken June 22, 2011.

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  1. My rose-colored lenses are blurry today.

    Woken up from sound sleep by kitty nose bumping mine. Sigh.

    He'll get his, though, when I pack him up to go to the vet. :::evil grin::

    After vet, volunteer from local library coming over to pick up boxes of books that I'm donating. I'm being beyond ruthless with the culling this time. Feeling rather overwhelmed with stuff still, even after last weekend's declutter.

    Hoping to get a good nap in later on.

    What's on y'all's agenda for the holiday weekend? (or you know, for Nicola, just for the weekend)

  2. Hi, all. Love this picture.

    I am off to the local Farmers' Market and that is about it for the holiday weekend. I plan to celebrate very quietly.

    Happy weekend to all.

  3. Morning! It's rugrat wrangling for me this morning. Mostly it's separating them from fighting over some toy. They just went into separate cages (i.e. cribs) for a few.

    I made smoothies with some of the blackberries this morning — good, but much seed-spitting. I now know why bananas & blueberries are preferred ingredients.

    Maybe a trip to the resort is on tap. I hope.

  4. Darn it, Nicola! :) I loved the interview you gave.

    Farf, just push the seedy berries through a seive first. We did that alot for Wes when he was younger and couldn't stand seeds or certain textures. Thank the garwrds he is now an eating machine.

    I am so not into the 4th of July. Nothing but fire engines through my 'hood. Damaged roofs, broken windows and upset nerves. Since it's Monday, the people are doing them all weekend. Thankfully we at least have the Waterfront Blues Fest for the Oregon Food Bank here. But I won't go due to the traffic and the fact this holiday really brings out the drunken yahoos.

    as one friend said, "Americans really like blowing sh*t up and burning their money while waving flags made in China"...

    I am not used to having "meds" needing to be refilled. Have to hustle today to get them filled before the holiday. The Med Labs are closed Sunday and the 4th. One of my pills I can't stop taking or it can result in seizures or !Death!. Lovely.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Yoga class and peeps there. So does Wayne. Other studio granted me money back with no charges. Niiiice. Heh, I did downward dog with blocks and even walked my hands forward more. :) We used straps and tied our feet and then the loop went around our head - The hammock. It felt like I was in the clouds. But I had an evil smirk on my face because the straps were sorta like bondage. We're thinking of having Wes go for a few times to see if he likes it. He has some serious posture issues - martial arts gave him alot of confidence but there's no Judo here - it's all that offensive karate type crap or that mixed martial arts crappier crap.

    Happy keeping your neighborhood from burning down weekend to you all. May all your pets be sedated and the wild animals and birds will just have to understand. ...

  5. Hi all. Jim made his first big venture out since coming home from the hospital and we went up to Indy. Successful trip and I think I'm more tired than he is.

    Night all.

  6. ooh good. A road trip. To Indy.

    You should just relax tomorrow and recover.