Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Poetry Post

Hot Pink

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by Philip Levine

Remember how unimportant
they seemed, growing loosely
in the open fields we crossed
on the way to school. We
would carve wooden swords
and slash at the luscious trunks
until the white milk started
and then flowed. Then we'd
go on to the long day
after day of the History of History
or the tables of numbers and order
as the clock slowly paid
out the moments. The windows
went dark first with rain
and then snow, and then the days,
then the years ran together and not
one mattered more than
another, and not one mattered.

Two days ago I walked
the empty woods, bent over,
crunching through oak leaves,
asking myself questions
without answers. From somewhere
a froth of seeds drifted by touched
with gold in the last light
of a lost day, going with
the wind as they always did.


  1. Hope everyone is surviving this weather! Happy Sunday.

  2. Forgot to check off email followups!

  3. Beautiful picture and poem - lovely way to begin a Sunday. Hope everyone has a great day!

  4. Heat finally broke here with a big thunderstorm last night. Sirens went off twice. Sitting on my porch in the cool breeze and a heap of cats.

  5. We have two days forecast in the upper 80s and then back to the steam bath. I thought about using this picture today, but I was afraid the shock to many of us would be too great.

    I sweated through 30 miles on the bike this morning. I hoped the loud music in one ear and the heat would drown out the thoughts of Friday's atrocity in Norway, and the sad state of this country. It didn't.

  6. 'Afternoon all!

    Janet, I'll definitely be in touch by tonight.

    Stay cool, Dina!

    Beth, checked out your wine-tasting adventure… looks like a good idea to me.

    Kelly, I think I'd rather have heat than tornadoes, but whatever. I was in Minneapolis in 1981 when that tornado hit downtown and in the 'burbs. Bunch of us standing outside like idiots, listening to the siren, looking for the storm.

    Jim, I cooled off a little just looking at that picture! As for the country, I say bring on the Apocalypse and get it over with.

    The rugrats napping saved me from going out and mowing the lawn, for now. I worked on the shower room instead — squirting spackling compound into cracks doesn't make much noise, you see.

    Just finished a beta read for a friend in AU. Off to write a little.

  7. I'm not to into the apacoplypse getting it's way. I will say however that those rapturist who are "not of this world" should just do us all a favor and quit loitering and littering on my planet. Move! Be gone.


    Was a hot one here in Oregon today. Not super hot but it was pretty damn hot for us. Had to run errands so we were out in traffic. Grrrr. The more I drive, the more I hate driving.

    Congrats on the bike miles, Jim! Wayne is hitting the 4,000 mark on his bike this year. Know how many gallons of gas he's saved? I don't. A lot. He had to bike over to the gas station at a local Safeway and boy does that piss off the SUV people. One screamed at him to get out of his way. He had a gas can on his bike so he could mow the lawn yesterday.

    Yup... the screamer had a fishie poo icon on the ass end of their SUV. Youbetcha.