Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Poetry Post

Gender Identity Issues in Poetry: Sounds like a symposium.

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King Bee Blues
By George Elliott Clarke

I’m an ol’ king bee, honey,
Buzzin’ from flower to flower.
I’m an ol’ king bee, sweets,
Hummin’ from flower to flower.
Women got good pollen;
I get some every hour.

There’s Lily in the valley
And sweet honeysuckle Rose too;
There’s Lily in the valley
And sweet honeysuckle Rose too.
And there’s pretty black-eyed Susan,
Perfect as the night is blue.

You don’t have to trust
A single, black word I say.
You don’t have to trust
A single, black word I say.
But don’t be surprised
If I sting your flower today.


  1. Hi, all and happy Sunday.

    Not much for bees but like them buzzing around flowers, just not around me.

  2. Pretty bee!

    Spent a few hours giving my thoughts and opinion on the Urban Renewal Project here. I was not the only liberal LOL. One guy though he was a Bagger and he wanted everything but didn't want to pay for it. He wanted new sidewalks, parking, blah blah blah but not to be taxed. I quote, "I'm an American and I''m tired of taxes."

    I said that I was an American and that I see my taxes as an investment in my country and my community. That I know that there's no little santas, fairies or Baby Jesuses going around repairing and building the downtown businesses or parks. What makes me mad about taxes is that I'm not getting any return for my investment and that instead all my money is going to such "social programs" as blowing communities and people up in other countries rather than buiding communities and supporting our people here.

    One guy got up and said, "amen sister!" The bagger... he looked like he wanted to shoot us.

    It was a great meeting, learned alot and kept it real. Got $50 for it, too.

    Off to yogaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Om! :) Have a great day everybody.

    Google +? I chat here, I lurk and sometimes post in a political blog and I keep in touch with my dear friends via a hockey chat. But I find I'm doing less and less online stuff. Even less shopping. It makes me feel disconnect from many meaningful things. But yet it also keeps me connected and aware and is a valuable too... So go figure. Nevermind. I'm conflicted. :)

  3. Hey all! Sorry about the late drive-by, but I've got Google+ invites if Janet or anyone else wants to have a look. One drawback, you either need a Gmail address or a Google Profile linked to the address you're using. We're all kind of feeling it out (heh) right now.

  4. I hope today is the last day of my invalid (in-valid) status. My bike should be out of the shop tomorrow, and I feel up to short rides.

    Dina, bees are not my friends. They make me swell, not as in keen, as in baloon. Down at the pond they were so busy with the flowers, I was ignored. I guess I'm just not that sweet.

    Farf or Maria, I would like a Google+ invite if you've got one.

    Janet, I saw an interesting post at boingboing that probably explains a lot about how many people view government programs.

  5. I also have Google+ invites if needed.