Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Still Pond Life

Taken July 2, 2011.

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  1. Andi, I continue to marvel at your amazing photographic eye! Love the composition on this photo.

    I want to be out there taking photos with the new camera, but dagnabit, the weather just isn't conducive to anything but remaining indoors with the a/c pumping. Oh, fall, please arrive soon!!

    At least it's Wednesday & the week is on the back end. I'm working my regular schedule this week, so Friday will be errand day for me.

    Wishing you all a cool, safe, comfortable day!

  2. Big store meeting today. 6 am to 8 then I work 9 to 5. Went to another mtg in Portland yesterday during a 12 - 8.

    So glad I now have more time for me and the family. Got my vacay time settled for August - 2 different weeks off :) Just got to figure out where to go camping. One desert, One beach I think. Yurts by the lighthouse a possibility.

    Too tired to think right now so I'll get in my car and drive. Ha!

    Take care all you lovelies.

  3. Maria, you're right about Andi's photographic eye. We will often walk by the same place and she'll see a shot that I didn't even notice.

    Sounds like you had a rough day, Janet. Sounds like you have good plans for vacation. How soon after you get back are the kids in school?

    Short road trip today. See you all later.

  4. Love the picture! At first I thought the stump was a waterfall which makes it even more wonderful.

    Maria, tired to post about ice cream on Google+ but it isn't letting me. Hope you got your ice cream.

    Beth, hope your day is better than it sounds.

    Jim, enjoy the road trip.

    Waves to everyone that comes later.

  5. I thought it was a fountain at first glance. Like Maria said, great composition.

    Jim, I kind of got pulled away — you still need a G+ invite? Send me an email address & I'll get it to you.

    Echoing the "hot" comments. It's supposed to be like 100 in the ATL today. Probably 96 at the manor even though the forecast high is 91. Says 40% chance of t-storms, but we've had several dry days when the chance was 60% so I'm not putting much stock in that. Yesterday, I felt like I was trying to push the air out of my way so I could walk through it, while trying to breathe it at the same time. Doesn't bother the rugrats, they'll go outside & sweat & roast given the chance. When the kids were like 10, I'd take them down to the creek & we'd stay cool that way.

    Mimes at home today. Off to it!

  6. Just checking in to say that I have gotten home safely, to thank the Fs for a delicious and entertaining lunch, and to thank Ms. Pickard as well for such an incredibly lovely afternoon. I have not enjoyed a get together as much since the last time I was in Louisville.

    I hope there was not too much traffic on the way back to Indiana, and I hope The Emporium experience reveals deep and refreshing wells of local talent. :)

  7. Oh! And hello and my very best wishes to everybody! (Hehe, I am still so excited from having seen the Fs and Nancy today, please excuse my rudeness.)

  8. Hi all. As you can guess from Jen's comments, our road trip was a visit with Nancy (who is teaching at writers workshop in Yellow Springs, OH) and Jen (who lives not too far away). w00t!

    I'm glad you got home safely, Jen; your bread cannot say the same as it did not survive the drive back to Indiana -- but we appreciated its noble sacrifice (and your most excellent bread-making skills) greatly.

    P.S. Jim wants to know if that means the bread was female since it was self-sacrificing -- but I pointed out we didn't exactly give it any choice in the matter. ;)

  9. It was a wonderful road trip. Traffic wasn't bad, food was very good, company was excellent.

    Thanks, Farf. I'll send you email.