Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Standing Tall

Milkweed (with lily)

Downy Skullcap

Hedge Nettle
Thanks to Candis for the identification assistance.


  1. Morning, gang!

    Letting myself get lost in the pretty weeds--at least in Andi's pretty pictures. ::g::

    Early start @ the mimes today as I expect a busy day. Tour of office-based composting project over at the EPA this morning (part of the Arlington Green Games project that my company is participating in); followed by an in-person client training session.

    Summer has definitely smacked us all upside the head and then some.

    Candis, I'm glad you all are okay. Winds are *scary*!!

    I shall send out a lot of good vibes to everyone today: for the much needed rain in many locations, for better health & well-being; for whatever it is that you need.

    Have a terrific Tuesday!

  2. Good morning. The heat is here and more is coming. UGH!

    Candis, so glad that you are OK. High winds are nothing to fool with.

    Maria, have a great day and stay cool!

    Hi to everyone that follows.

  3. (((Candis)))) been through a few blow jobs myself. ;) Couple of typhoons and two super typhoons. While on a small island and nowhere to hide. So glad you're okay.

    Doing okay here. I think Vertigo is trying to dance with me today. I really don't want to call in to the mimes but I also don't want to play this stupid game with vertigo either. Game - I'll try to pretend I'm okay untill it's all going downhill... and up the wall and I'm on my knees.

    I think the barometer is mucking around too much with the weather even here. We went from dazzling sun in the afternoon to monsoon like rains in a few hours. Very strange weather indeed. But the pressure in my ears... it's getting me mad.

    The down period I had was just that - a preiod. Wayne says it's from me feeling like I'm held hostage with this vertigo and from taking all these medicines for pain... it's the vulnerability that brings me down. I'm going to have to learn how to deal and heal with it.

    I love the Zen Sniff photo! But I never understood that particular or cared for that particular movie.

    Got the reservations for Newport. We're staying at this "quirky" motel right on the beach. Moolack Motal. Doing one day of the tourist stuff. Aquarium, Ripleys believe it or not, marine science center, Bayfront Fish Market and Restaurant for crab, Mo's for the famous clam chowdahh that was given the thumbs up by JFK himself. Then we'll just be beach bums at the motel. Play board games and make pancakes in the little kitchen. Whewwww!

  4. Hallooo all!

    Dr.McC just got her third paper acceptance in a month, making four publications for the year. She's very pleased and that little bit more marketable should we decide that WI really has gone to the wingnuts. Every so often the UK/Canada/Ireland/New Zealand fantasy starts to look particularly shiny again. I'm behind where I need to be on the book but for some reason am finding it less alarming this time around as I managed to pull it out the last two times and turn in early and series tend to get easier to write as you go along.

    Glad to hear Candis is all right and Janet's mood has improved. Need to go dig into book now.


  5. Thanks everyone. It was definitely scary, especially as it came on so fast. Some still without power, but otherwise okay.

    Andi, your forest flowers are so pretty!

  6. Speaking of pretty pictures, Maria, how's your photography going? Where are you going to take photos?

    Sorry to hear the heat has arrived there, Dina. The dogs are dogging it here by staying inside.

    I didn't like the book or the movie, Janet, but it is a useful title. Your vacation sounds delightful.

    Congrats to Doc McC. Of your fantasy choices, I'd be going for the New Zealand one and imagine myself hiking on the Milford Track.

    My woodland flowers, Candis, are nothing to match your Ottawa gardens (which I hope went unharmed in the storm).

  7. Only Andi could make a milkweed into a thing of beauty…

    Candis, I think the technical term for that was a "gust front." We had one much like that here earlier this summer, I thought the trees were going to make like Linda McCartney and come in the bathroom window.

    Vacation got pushed into the first part of August, it looks like. Got a major documentation project due on the 29th & the development folks still don't have the specs done. I did get an opportunity to mark all the holes in the current draft spec today, so maybe I'll have something useful to work from when it actually gets done.

    I now have four novels (at least one the first of a series) in planning stages, waiting for me to finish Pickups and Pestilence. If this goes on, my "to write" pile will overtop my massive "to read" pile. I need to win the lottery or something so I can do this full-time. Sheesh. :-)