Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Seeing Through

Taken July 9, 2011.

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  1. I love the photo! So dark, mysterious, and so blessedly cool...

    Just read that NOAA expects that many areas, including ours, will hit 116F heat index tomorrow/Friday. UGH!

    I'm going to hibernate all weekend and hope the a/c can hold its own.

    Andi, in answer to your question about photos. I want to go walking around my neighborhood. I live in a lovely, friendly community with a nifty "downtown" - all independent shops & restaurants. Lots of photo ops there.

    Of course, my perambulations will have to wait until the weather changes. I'm not interested in heat stroke. ::g::

    Wonderful Wednesday all & keep cool!

  2. Hates the heat here!

    I hope everyone is keeping cool.

    Just read that the first recall election was held in Wisconsin and the Democrat won! Go, Wisconsin!!!

  3. On Wisconsin!

    It's kinda scary when even the Teabag Party realizes that the GOP are against Americans. At least the truth is coming out about these bastards. Time to get rid of the rest of the nuts like Bachmann, Palin and Perry.

    116 degrees? And people still won't look into sustainable energy or discuss global warming. Sheeesh.

    Back to work today after vertigo.

  4. Somebody turned off the pop-up blocker around here, so there's a moderate chance of t-storms pretty much as far forward as the forecast goes. Heat index tomorrow could hit 100 — bad enough, but "raw" temps are in the low 90s.

    Janet, one thing I've learned from observation is that the CONservatives tend to overreach, thus limiting the amount of damage they can actually do. The problem is, the damage doesn't get fully repaired before they're where they can take another shot. Good luck with the vertigo!