Friday, July 8, 2011

Parallel Lives

Taken , 2011.

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  1. Yay for me -- only woke up once last night! Hope everybody had equal success.

  2. Hi, all. That's great, Andi, particularly if you got back to sleep.

    Hot and humid here. I am feeling very lazy but off to the gym anyway!

  3. Hallooo,

    Aten't ded yet. Swamped, yes. Ded, no. Back later. Send Scotch.

  4. For KMc, one bourbon, one Scotch, one beeeeeryah. :)

    Didn't sleep well here last night. Actually, I feigned sleep as my partner had to get up (since I wasn't) to let the cat in or out of the bedroom. Then the cat wanted to drink out of our water glasses by our beds. Something my old Kitty would do. Now Dylan is laying at my feet all tuckered out from a night of "playing" with us on the bed.

    Did some training with the higher ups yesterday. Unexpected. Cool thing was I was getting it right off the bat. It was fun. The lady was really impressed with me and we were joking around. I was training with my assistant manager who not getting it and was not getting into the joking. Later, the two people in charge said it was sad to see that we weren't getting positive feedback from our superiors and that it was so not our store to be like that. I shrugged it off and said that I try to make my own positive feedback. The other guy is the lead in the old one day position I had. He said it was great to but a face to the name and that none of them in PriceFile could figure out how I could audit so fast. He was worried when I didn't show up for an award ceremony where my store got the prize. I said, I didnt' know a thing about it. Partly why I quite that job. Grr.

  5. Sadly, I had even more wakeups last night. Oh well.

    Crazy morning @ the mimes (I'm working today to bank time for fall vacation).

    Of the fun: I got onto Google+ - yet another silly online thing. Whatever, you all *know* I'm an early adopter!!

    If you want an invite, just let me know. I'll need your email address to invite you.

    SO ready to go home for the (for me) short weekend.


  6. I did, Dina. I'm still tired from all the lost sleep but I'm feeling better. Hope you feel rewarded for your efforts at they gym.

    Hey Kelly! Glad to see you are still with us.

    Sorry to hear that sleep is still evading you, Janet.

    Yuck Maria. Sorry to hear it about you too.