Saturday, July 9, 2011

Parallel Lines

Taken July 1, 2011.

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  1. Oooh, how very impressionist of you, Andi! Love the pic!

    I'm up WAY too early on a Saturday. Stupid interrupted sleep patterns. Ugh. I think I may go back to bed for a bit now that the cat is fed. I still need to pill the little bugger, though. Only 3 days left of that.

    Hot & muggy: DC summer - already pining for the fall.

    Wishing you all a fantastic weekend!

  2. Happy weekend, all.

    Maria, I hope Kit is doing well. Pilling cats is a real pill. :)

    Nough said.

  3. Nice watercolor! heehee

    Just a quickie before I become slave labor in the chicken houses for a day (Mrs. Fetched said "half a day" but that never pans out).

    I'm now on Google+ under my real name, just to see what it's about. When I get invites, I'll let y'all know so I can pass them out. I know Maria's already there.

    I put a really short (like <400 word) #FridayFlash on the blawg yesterday. Hope y'all like it!

    OK, I've put off the slave labor thing as long as I can…

  4. I am there too under dina sw

  5. My best friend and the kid's only real since of family who lives down in San Jose, she ended up in the ER the night before and had surgery for gallstones and inflamed gall bladder. Her husband was away in Montana and her sons were in LA. Thankfully her other best friend rushed to her and her inlaws were at her side.

    The kids of course freaked out when they answered her call. Wes especially. I was at the VA when the she called. So there was panic time for the kids alone. (The VA doesn't have cellphone coverage to well)

    She's doing fine now but she stayed one more night. Big WHEW!

    I was in the waiting room of the VA's physical therapy room yesterday while Wayne did his torture treatment. There were several old farts there and I was quiet and reading my nook. This one man asked me, "are you some famous type or a singer?" I looked up and said I wasn't. He said, "well there's something about you that makes me want to ask you for autograph." I said that maybe I could have been but instead I took some stupid pills and married a sailor 21 years ago and that one of my main "talents" is that I can talk dirtier than any sailor or all of you put together.

    That got them all laughing hard. And then coughing.

    Needless to say, I didn't get to read my book after that and they all shared their stories with me. The old vets have it hard. One guy had been a cook and is now living with his son, one guy hadn't been able to land a job for more than two years since he got out in '68 and the other man looked nervous. He was the one who asked me how long we'd been out and I told him it's been over 15 years. He asked me something most wouldn't understand or think of asking. He asked, "so do you still live with boxed items in your house?" Bingo. I'm also reluctant to put anything on the walls. They all understood. We were all Navy.

  6. Ahh ... now that is a summer photo. Beautiful.

  7. The "impressisons" are courtesy Jim (see Monday's photo) who whenever he would adjust his position on the dock, would send out the lines that disturbed the reflection in such a nice way.

    Happy weekend to you, Dina.

    Oh boy, Farf, another social media I can forget to participate in, like facebook and twitter.

    Glad your friend is okay (and the VA torture is over for now).

    Thanks Candis. I'm sure you'll have some much better summer photos as soon as you get that canoe out for a joy(ous) ride.

  8. Happy to have been of some use.

  9. Gorgeous pic, andi! I love anything watery.

    All of a sudden hearing about Google+. I think I'll wait til the movie comes out. :)

    Farf, my former boss/company are now making pellet heaters for chicken houses. A far cry from the woodstoves the company started making in the late 70's.

    Up to my eyebrows in Oprah tapes last week, and the coming week. So that's how I'm spending my days, and nights. That woman was on for a LONG time!!

    Peaceful Sunday tomorrow, y'all.