Friday, July 22, 2011


Taken July 10, 2011.

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  1. I was debating making a quick morning grocery run. It's 8 a.m. and according to Weather Underground, it's 84.3 °F Feels Like 97.

    I think I'll pass. I'm not actually running out of anything, but wanted to get some ice cream bars. I can totally go downstairs to the little convenience store and buy one later.

    Wishing everyone cooling breezes, rain where it's needed and a way to stay out of the heat!

  2. We are in heat hell here too. I am just staying home and chilling. Luckily I have enough ice cream to see me through.

    Tired wave to all.

  3. Been in bad weather. I feel horrible for the homeless people, the elderly, those in nursing homes and assisted living centers. You know, the downtrodden. The ones we were supposed to help and support. Now we just stomp on their heads or try to ignore them. If this wasn't my country, I'd be disgusted by it. Oh wait...

    Yesterday, one of the poorest of the poor, an elderly lady gave Wayne a bunch of tomatoes from her patio-deck garden. He brings her food but she's worried about him because he's on a bike. She's worried about him... It's the poor and the working class who are truly the buiding blocks and are what makes this country.

    I heard someone say that "those bums should get a job". I looked up "bum" and it's main meaning is "those who take without giving from others". The true bums right now are the elite rich and the Republicans.

    Have you ever really listened to a "conservative"? Usually they have a govt job, a pension, progressive benefits and yet they are out there denouncing the unions and the working class. Kool aid drinkers.

    More and more customers are losing jobs. Mostly to overseas manufacturing. If you look at the products and food you buy, they normally are not from the US. My store continues to purchase from local vendors and in turn they can hire more people to work for them ... locally. This local thing is working out here though.

    Sorry everyong can't have beautiful weather like we're having here today. Stay cool, do what you need to do in the early morning hours. After that, just lay low.

    Keep some water bowls outside for the animals. Birds, too.

  4. Here at work, they're keeping the office temps somewhere in between "fridge" and "meat locker." Facilities dude said it a brief power outage this morning scrambled some control stuff.

    Janet, you're around Portland, right? Looks like I'll be in Beaverton for a few days in late September. You think you & Wayne would be interested in meeting up to shoot the $#!+ one or two evenings? My brain will be melted from training all day, so you might have to talk slow and/or repeat yourselves a few times…

  5. I went for an easy bike ride this morning. I'm still cooling off. This weather is insane. Stay cool(ish).

    I can't figure out if Andi made a trip to the rain forest with out me or if she was being beamed up by the mother ship in that photo.

  6. Maria, we're staying cool here by staying in, too. The dogs and I came back from our early morning walk soaked -- me from sweat, them from trying to cool off in a low spot in a creek that still has water.

    Dina, good planning on the ice cream (see Maria, you just need to plan ahead).

    We've got two big water dishes outside, Janet, plus our neighbor's pond so water is in good supply here.

    Ooh, Farf, an Oregon meetup! If it happens, you both will have to be sure to take and post pictures.

  7. I'm so sorry you all are sweltering so badly. And envious of Janet's rain. Here it's 70's and clear, with a few puffy white clouds. Folks are complaining because summers are SO short, they're missing the hot days, but I'm loving every second of it.

    Enjoy the Oregon Coast, Janet - one of my favorite spots in the universe.

    Oprah seems to have finally run out of steam, so I might have the weekend off. Not sure what to do with free time - I'm sure I'll fill it with something!

    Did I tell you I had a fender bender last weekend with the new car? Argh. Insurance company is taking forever to respond, but the car is drivable so all is good. Although I'll have to drive a beat-up car cross country... :(

    Okay, midnight, to bed. Loving the forest-y pix, andi! Stay cool, y'all.