Thursday, July 28, 2011

Light My Way

Taken , 2011.

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  1. I'm hoping that's a healing light coming through those trees!

    Day 2 and the back is still yelling at me. Working @ the mimes from home today so I can sit on my expensive ergo chair with a heating pad on my lower back.

    it is a bit better this morning, but I know that these kind of injuries take time to heal. Ah well.

    Of the good, I got my copy of RT Book Reviews magazine yesterday & they gave BLOOD SACRIFICE 4.5 stars (out of 5) and made it a Top Pick for August! a GREAT review. I'm totally gobsmacked and doing the happy dance (though not physically!).

    Happy Thursday, all!

  2. Those are rays that have been traveling through space from a miasma of incandescent plasma.

    Great news on the review, Maria.

  3. Many congrats, Maria!! That's great!! Hope your back gets better soon.

    I love the light sifting through the trees like that - just gorgeous.

    Heading east this morning. 9.5 hour driving day ahead. Send good road wishes my way. And andi, def Stanley one of these days!!

    Have a great day, all.

  4. Maria, yay for great reviews and boo for tweaky backs!

    Beth, safe travels and good weather!

    Doc says I have "impingement syndrome" in my shoulder. I guess that's better than arthritis. Seems like it's gotten better since I started drinking smoothies with a scoop of protein powder, though.

    Vacation starts tomorrow night, woohoo!

  5. I hope so too, Maria. You shouldn't be gobsmacked about the excellent review; you earned it.

    Thanks, candis. Streaky light just for you (well and anybody else that happens to come by).

    Ugh on the long drive, Beth. But I will look forward to tracking your progress across the country by noticing all the visits from new locations that show up in Google Analytics.

    Farf, seems to me you were suffering from impingement syndrome long before the shoulder problems. ;)

  6. Haven't been able to post today - this is fourth try. Let's see if it works.

  7. Maria, hope your back is better.

    Love the picture.

    Waves to all!

  8. Going to have sugery... anytime... had the ultra sound today and good news is I don't have gall bladder stones. I have A stone. A biggie. Been having more and more problems and today things got icky.

    Got a surgeon referral... long story short (too late)... if things stay the same this weekend, I'll have the stone and possibly the galbladder removed Sunday or Monday. If things get worse, I have to go to the ER at St. Vincents. A good place. Wayne's biking over to get the pain meds at the pharm to see me through til then. Wish me luck.

    Hoping this doesn't interfere with my vacay plans which start on the 5th.

    Farf, so glad you're coming out to Portland. You won't want to go back. Lots of time to plan. But I need to make sure you get some VooDoo Donuts (home of the maple bacon bar and the gay bar).

    Hooray Maria!!! on the great review!

    Hugs and healing thoughts to all. I still haven't seen Jen's pootie pix yet. I've been crashing Star Trek the original series on streaming and then working.

    KMac, I loved last friday's PootiePalooza! :) Pussies on Parade.

  9. Una Mas:

    Impingement Syndrome? WTF is that?

    I don't care what age, size or shape... yoga is so gooood. Ever tried it? Maybe you'd like to join me while here (and then afterwards we'll go scarf down some blueberry pancakes) :)

    Or not.

  10. Janet, again, damn itJuly 28, 2011 at 9:08 PM

    Lost a line... about poor Maria

    ((((Maria))) big bear hugs. Back pain sucks hindtata. Wish I could toss you some arnica cream for it.

  11. Waves to Dina (sorry about the posting problems).

    Good luck with the surgery, Janet. They've really improved gallblader and stone removal. I know somebody who had it recently and she was up and about in just a few days. I hope it is the same for you.

  12. I realize there are infinite ways to incorrectly spell that particular organ :D

    Thanks ((((Andi))))