Thursday, July 14, 2011

Life Marches On

Taken July 1, 2011.

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P.S. I didn't want anyone to think that Jim was the only one with a pond obsession.


  1. Why do I so frequently see alien planet landscapes in Earth's nature? [DIY alien joke goes here] If you cropped the forest out from the background of this one and then adjusted the perspective a smidge, it would look like the view you'd get on a shuttle flight down into the inner atmosphere of a planet with a bright green floor and pretty magenta city towers.

    In news of the general announcements, we've decided to keep Ruby's kittens. Yes, all four of them. Feel free to send the dudes with the white coats, just make sure they bring kitty treats. Oh, and some of those liquid valium/demerol shots, those are really nice. ;p

    Billy Jack at the back door
    Blue naps on a perch
    Duckie sleeps in the sun
    Gizzy has a toy (She is still the smallest, but this particular picture is about a month older than the other three, so she's not THAT much smaller than the others.)

    Hope everyone has a great day, whatever y'all are getting up to.

  2. Hop onto those lily pads, come on over to my blog to read about Elaine Viets discovering her darker side and then slide over to Deadly Destinations and read Keira's account of her home town of Rio Seco.

    Busy marketing day for me as the days tick closer to book release.

    STILL struggling with the agency closing. Thank dog for SFWA, who has been instrumental in getting things settled! They are an awesome organization.

    Love the pic, Andi - pond obsession or not. ::g::

    Weather here is mighty gorgeous post massive t'storms last night. Brought my camera in to work in hopes of perhaps getting out to take pics later.

    Fake!Friday, FTW!

  3. Love the kitty photos, Jen. "She's a Beauty" is my favorite.

    Have fun taking photos, Maria.

    I'm going off on my bike for the first time since my encounter with the healthcare system. It will be short.

    I hope Lisa & FM have found somewhere cool to hole up. Our heat & humidity are supposed to start coming back on Saturday.

  4. Hi, all. It is a beautiful day here, cool and dry.

    Maria, both blogs were great.

    Jim, take it easy.

    Jen, loved the pictures! Blue looks a lot like my Shadow, but with short hair.


  5. Jim, have fun, and don't ride close to the edge of anything with a caulking gun in your hand, heh. (Has anyone made a dodgy "rock out with your caulk out" joke yet, or is that sort of thing pretty much my department? lol)

    Dina, will we get to see pictures of your Shadow? Blue (who is so sweet in the temperament that I often call her Mary Sue Blue) looks almost exactly like her mother, just with gray fur instead of black, and brown eyes instead of yellow/green.

    Maria, all my best to you re: the writing biz kerfluffles of late. Glad you've got better weather, at least. :)


    I'm so happy some of my favorite peeps got to hang out. Nancy, Jim, Andi and Jen. I love you guys! Glad you're keeping the pooties. Just glad to "see" you in general. Without your insight, outtakes and outlook... I start getting squirrelly and feel like I'm the only whoaman on the planet that is "marching". We need more people like you Jen.

    The meeting was great. Things at the store are going very well. No doom or gloom. In fact, just the opposite. Many of our vendors have been able to hire more people because we can buy more from them. Local vendors! Not crap shipped in from who knows where and has been in storage for who knows how long. Sustainability - it's a great thing. I get sick almost when I hear Wal Mart's "live cheap and support slave laber" taglines.

    Yesterday was a long day but also emotional. Long time customer who is also Wes' aide in school came in and sorta broke down in my line because he told me his mother just died. I stood outside with him and cried. Then another couple came through with about $30 worth of pastries and he was pushing his wife in a chair and she was almost bright yellow. He said she wanted to come in and see New Seasons for the last time and eat things she hasn't been able to. I stayed strong and smiled and helped them but when they left... I had all of us in the front end crying.

    I came home wiped out. But it reminds me that my store means so much to so many for so many reasons.

    I love my life here.

  7. If someone will tell me how to post a picture, I would be glad to post pictures of my babies.

    And Jen, Shadow's full name is Shadow Blue Belle Willner. She was a Katrina rescue and they named her Blue Belle which was just not her. She is a shadow!

  8. Dina, assuming you have images already on your hard drive/the ability to put them on your hard drive, then it's a simple set of steps: choose an image host, set up an account, follow the upload instructions, then paste the hmtl code for the uploaded photo into your comment. Some popular free image host options include Flickr (hosted by Yahoo) and Picasa (hosted by Google). If you have any questions while going through the process, just post and I'm sure whomever is around will help out. We'd love to see your kittehs! :)

    Hey {{{{DJ}}}}, I'm so glad that you and the fam are so much happier where you are now than where you were. It's such a damn scary time, globally now pretty much, and it's such a comfort and privilege to have a safe, loving home. I'm grateful for mine every day. And of course the ability to maintain extended connections with far flung folks who are similarly inclined toward peace/equality in politics/finance is like a string of life rafts during a bad shipwreck.

  9. Love the kitty pics, Jen. Besides the one Jim mentioned, I also liked the one of Blue napping. And Gizzy has a toy is too cute for words.

    Thanks for the links, Maria. Hope you can get out to take some pics.

    Dina, in addition to Jen's excellent advice, I'm pretty sure you can link to pictures you upload on facebook. Also, I am willing to upload pictures for you and post links here if you want. All you have to is to email them to me (you can use my blogger profile to get the email address).

    Love that you are in love with your life, Janet.

  10. I am trying to link to Facebook. Here is Shadow. If this works I will put some others up.

  11. It worked for me, Dina, though I did have to log into facebook first so I guess it won't work if a person doesn't have a facebook account.

    Oh yeah ... cute!!!!

  12. Thanks, Andi. She is totally grey, even her nose.

    And here is Casey.

    I am going to look into other ways to post pictures. But I wanted my girls up here.

  13. I guess it won't work if a person doesn't have a facebook account.

    You guessed right, Andi.

  14. Bummer, Jen.

    Dina, if you want me to do, I'll upload the two pics to my photobucket account and put links to them in today's post so Jen can see them.

    Also, Casey does the serious cat pondering the universe thing very well.