Friday, July 29, 2011

Life Imitates Art: More Monet

Taken July 15, 2011.

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  1. Blurring the VGW with incoherent words of squee. Just finished reading Jim Butcher's latest Harry Dresden book, GHOST STORY.

    I stayed up all night reading. It's been YEARS since a book hooked me this strongly.

    My verdict: Eleventy!!!! Bloody brilliant writing--I'd say, as per usual, but Jim took it beyond eleven this time.

    My back is still miserable, but I'm going to bed now with the electric heating pad. May drag my sorry ass to the Minute Clinic when I wake up and see if the nurse practitioner there can prescribe me something a bit stronger than Aleve.

    Good morning & good night. Catch you all on the flip side!

  2. It's a lovely pond to ponder.

    I haven't pulled an all nighter since college, Maria. Sorry your back is still acting up. I hope they can give you something for it. When I had my accident earlier in the summer, I found the prescription strength Motrin (600 mg?) very effective.

  3. Jim, I agree - lovely to ponder.

    Maria, sorry about the back. I hope you get something that helps.

    Waves to all! Happy Friday.

  4. LOL, Mrs. Fetched said, "What's wrong with that picture?" not realizing it was ripples in a pond. :-D

    Maria, hope the back gets better! I think the last time I was up all night reading… oh yeah, Kelly's "Webmage."

    Jim, one regular Motrin tablet is 200mg, so you could take three of them to get the prescription-strength 600mg. I never sat down to figure out whether that would be more economical or not… I suppose if you have insurance paying for the horse pills, a $4 co-pay would be the way to go though.

    Dina, pondering right along with you. At least it's not a sauce pan, so we aren't pandering instead.

    5.5 hours to VACATION! I'll likely be scarce starting tomorrow, as internet access will be catch-as-catch-can at my dad's place. If I get desperate & have a signal, I'll pop in with my Kindle.

  5. Afternoon update:

    1. Ridiculously hot (101)
    2. Have napped (twice)
    3. Heating pads are awesome.
    4. So is Tylenol Arthritis Relief

    Didn't drag myself anywhere as the combo of heating pad/OTC seem to be alleviating the condition. I hate the idea of taking stronger drugs if unnecessary.

    Hoping you all keep cool!

  6. I'm glad the heating pad and pills are helping you, Maria.

    I guess it's a very ponderful day, Dina.

    And now, Farf, vacation is very, very close. I'll bet you can just view it over the edge of the cubicle.

  7. Hey Guys, a little bit of alcohol and a bit of vicodin is NOT a good combo. At all. Almost went to the ER last night because of just that. Not used to these big pharm nasties. I think I'll stick with mother earth till surgery. Who gets off on vicodin? I hear people love the stuff and that oxycontin ... ew. Made me sick as a dog and I couldn't open my eyes. I got really scared an thought I was going to pass out.

    Work has me off the roster till I return from vacation. Just laying low today. Trying to keep things the same. But I do sense a general apptitude within myself that the pain and uncomfortableness will only increase and not decrease. It's like watching a balloon slowly fill up with air. You know what's going to happen and not happen. Just waiting to see if I can not "get worse" till Sunday. That's when my surgeon is back on duty as ER and then latest is Monday.

    Will be nice to have a big chunk of pain gone from my body and mind. I think alot of my shoulder and back pain this year has been from galbladder stuff. My friend just had an ER surgery due to it a month ago - month after they found mine for the first time - and she says alot of mysteries and ailments have been taken care of. She ues to have horrible neck pain for years. Now - after a month - NONE.

    IF I get the galbladder out Monday at the lastest, I'm sure I can still go to Newport by Friday. I'll just pretend I'm a Eurpoean diplomat "on holiday" after surgery. People in most other lands do that you know. Go "on holiday" after an illness or shock. I can't imagine that luxury.

    Been reading too many dystopian short stories this afternoon I guess :)

    Back to trying to be on the brighter side of life. (Cue Eric Idle) :) I'll keep in touch while I can. I might just get whisked away to Newport during all of this before and after. I won't disappear. I pinky swear.

  8. oh and I didn't "combine" the two. We had a glitch between the pharmacist and our doc' office and thought we wouldn't have the pills so I had a slightly stiff drink to calm my nerves after a rather nasty 30 minute attack. Then the store called with my order and I took some vicodin... one too many right off.

    I'm true blue America when it comes to the mindset that "If One is Good, Two Must Be Better".

    Plus, I had fasted the night before for the ultra sound and then was waiting for docs to see about surgery. Finally got the okay to eat at around 5ish. 20 hours. No wonder I was a mess emotionalloy and needed a drink.

    This coming from a person who tries to ignore big pharm and gets sick from Tylenol.

    Cards weren't in it for me to have a comfy night last night. Tonight, I'll have chammomile tea, George Clooney flick and if I'm brilliant, maybe some chilled blueberries to snack on.

    Enjoying the chair I helped make this Spring out on my back deck guarded by the green canopy of this grandfathlery tree.

    Namaste. xoxo

  9. Fingers and claws crossed here, Janet, that you get your surgery out of the way and vacation goes off as planned.

  10. Sending wishes of good health to all - and yay for vacation, Farf! Still making my way across the country. Will spend the weekend with friends - it'll be nice to stop driving for a couple of days.

    Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!