Thursday, July 7, 2011

In a Rush

Taken June 27, 2011.

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  1. ... continued from yesterday

    Beth, I guess beaches and critters is a fairly decent incentive.

    Hi Candis and thanks.

    Cool beans, Janet. You have great kids.

    ... back to today.

    I need a word. What do you call it when you can go to sleep and sleep for several hours but then start waking all the time and end up feeling tired and unrested? I'd like to know so I can blast right out of the dictionary and maybe get a decent night's sleep for the first time in over a week. :(

  2. Andi, whatever your word is: ditto for me. Woke up at midnight, 2, 3, 5...


    Got my sister's silly b'day gifts boxed up and ready to mail out. We only exchange fun things, not serious gifts, as we decided some years ago that our annual trips would take the place of gifts for b'day/Xmas. I sent her a Lego SmartCar, a "Got Smart" vinyl cutout, and some other stuff.

    Very skeleton-crewish @ the mimes as tons of folks are on holiday, including the big boss and several project managers. I like!

    Hoping the day is grand for you all.

  3. Andi, I call that "what happens to me when I take Allegra." A friend of mine would recommend melatonin.

    Maria, enjoy a quiet day at the mimes! I'm mime'ing at home again. Thanks for mentioning Docuwiki on Twitter, I've set up a test bed on my laptop. If I can get this "bookcreator" plugin sorted, I'll be set to show it to the others. OK, I've probably bored everyone else to death. @ or DM me if you want to chatter about it.

    Time to start working.

  4. Andi and Maria, I call that normal.

    I find I go back to sleep best if I play music I know very well and force myself to sing along. That prevents ye ole brain from thinking things that wake me up even more.

    Good luck, guys and good day to all!

  5. Hey Gang!!

    Boy could we use some of this rushing water. Busting 100 lately--Bah.

    Go, Jim, Go. Healing be good.

    Beth at the beach??? She must have a portal across this country. Enjoy sand and breeze and waves for me.

    Andi, I take a half dose of tylenol PM type thing. A full dose and I'm too dragging. But a half dose helps me fall back asleep quick and easy when I wake up. This evil insomnia can obviously travel the internet as it is my issue too.
    Daughter does the melanin. I just haven't tried that.

    Maria enjoy light crew at work. Glad Kit is on the mend. They are like our kiddos.

    Waves to Farf, Dina, Candis, Janet and all that come after.

  6. Andi, it could be several factors.

    Insomnia from stress.
    Heat and weather.
    Sleep Apnea which should be checked.

    Holy Dust Bunnies, did you see the humongous dust storm in Phoenix? That was like something out of World War Zombie. Cuhrazy

    I have no idea why people cap on "the rain" in Oregon or Seattle.

  7. I wear myself out too, Dina! Hopefully I'm slowing down, anyway.

    Not at the beach yet, Lisa. Still in the glorious mountains of N Idaho. I'll be at the beach again mid-August.

    I swear I'm going to move to a rain forest. Or spend a week in Oregon in the spring! :)

    I play a hand-held solitaire game to put me to sleep. Something about changing the brain waves - it works 99.9% of the time. Waving the magic sleep wand over all sleepless folks...

  8. I am so very sorry to be sharing that with you, Maria.

    I'd feel (marginally) better if I knew what was causing, Farf.

    Yuck, Dina. I'd hate to have this be normal. How yucky for you.

    Howdy Lisa! I fall asleep okay, Lisa and sleep okay for about 3-4 hours but then I can't seem to stay asleep. I might give the Tylenol PM a try.

    I'd probably vote for stress, Janet. Those pictures of the dust storm were amazing (and terrifying), weren't they?

    Thanks for the wand, Beth. I sure hope it works. I think the week in Oregon sounds like a fine way to satisfy your rain lust.