Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gather Close

Taken July 16, 2011.

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  1. Morning, Glory!

    Just scribbling on the VGW… got in a writing groove last night, first time in like a week (Snippet watched Mason). I'm going to get Pickups and Pestilence in the harness and moving pretty soon.

    Snippet had a massive sunburn, shoulders up. She nearly flashed me when showing me the huge red area on her back. She actually wore clothes today though!

    OK, Mason's waking up & I need to start working…

  2. I am constantly amazed by how many weeds, let alone other types of plants and trees etc., that you can identify by name. I can only identify a handful on sight and one of those is compulsively and senselessly prosecuted by johnny law, heh.

    Today's evidence that the universe thinks it's a whole damn lot funnier than it actually is: Ruby is still in heat. ARGH! We couldn't get her spayed when we brought her inside because she was pregnant, then because she was nursing, and then even before she weaned the kits, she went back into heat. We really did not want to spay her while in heat because she has not yet adjusted to people besides us, and hospital operations are freaky even when you DO know what's going on, but no one in the house is sleeping and the orange cats are starting to look like they might be plotting her demise, so I think we're going to have to reconsider the sitch.

    At four months, the kittens are not babies anymore, they are like big toddlers/preschoolers now. Lookysee at the redonkulous number of cats in my house, we are like a feline wildlife preserve up in here:

    Wes has a freckled nose.
    Lucy has seething resentment towards the mamacat in heat who won't stfu and go to sleep.
    Billy Jack has an adrenaline addiction.
    Gizzy has desire for mo' toys.
    Duckie has complex contrast unless the light is perfect.
    Blue has interest in the baby robins out the back window.
    Mamacat has the chutzpah to sleep in the middle of the day while she howls and keeps the rest of us UP ALL NIGHT.

    I really wish I could make it on a trip out to Portland right now, but my body has not healed well enough to go that far without a lot more support than I can access. My healing pace is so slow that I only see it in two year increments, but on the whole the past four years showed more healing than the four before that, so right now I am cautiously optimistic that maybe by the time I'm 50 I'll have something approaching "normal" ability for my age group.

  3. Morning, Farf! How 'bout sending some of that energy my way? ::g::

    I did manage to answer 1 phone call this a.m. and successfully transfer it to voice mail. \0/

    However, I somehow pinched a nerve or pulled a muscle in my lower back so I'm basically trying not to hurt right now. Don't have a clue what I did. Sigh. /0\

    ...from last night...

    The thought of Rick Perry getting on the presidential ballot is SCARY!!

    Hoping for an improved today.

  4. that you can identify

    Erratum: I meant to say "you and Candis"

    Maria, oh no! ::passes out more virtual vicodin::

  5. Morning Gang!!

    Pretty in Pink, Andi.

    Duckie=SO CUTE.
    And all the rest too.
    Crazy Cat Lady B U, Jen.
    But so much Love.

    Farf, WooHoo for writing time and energy.

    Maria, frustrating that bodies get tangled up with no effort. Laying on back and drawing up knees and side to side may help. Also just leaning over to touch the floor stretches muscles that can relieve lower back pain.

    Times up. Waves as back to writerland.

  6. Hi, all.

    Love this picture - pillowy thingies!

    Maria, feel better. Back pain is awful. Watch how you sit today so you don't make it worse which is very easy to do.

    Farf - I am most impressed with your energy.

    Jen, love the kitties. And of course, Mama was sleeping. She needs it with that bunch!

    Waves to Lisa and all who follow.

  7. Kitties and flowers, oh my! Good luck with the spaying situation, Jen.

    Congrats on writing and on phone transfers, but boo for a pulled something.

    Waving to everyone - my last day in Idaho. I'm off to enjoy the gorgeous weather one more day before I descend into Heat Hell.

    Happy Hump Day, y'all!

  8. I've always called it bindweed, Farf, but I ought to switch to morning glory -- it sounds lots nicer.

    Now finding one of those "weeds" you can identify, Jen, would be quite the find. :) I love the picture of Gizzy going for the toy -- great capture. My 2nd favorite was Blue's -- such concentration. Love all the rest too, just not quite as much.

    Congrats, Maria. I'm sure I would have sent it to Hell. ;) Sorry about the hurt.

    Don't get lost there in writerland, Lisa. Drop some pages as you go so we can find you.

    Hiya, Dina. I think they are pillow like in theory but not in practice.

    Oh Beth, bye-bye to Idaho. I guess I'm not going to get to meet you in Stanley ... this time.