Thursday, July 21, 2011

Drop Me a Line

Taken July 8, 2011.

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  1. Oops, I completely forgot that I had commented yesterday. Hi Maria, Dina, Janet, Farf.

    Hot weather = yuck. :(

    Heading off to Cincy this morning to see Jim's mom. Hope everybody survives the heat and has a fine day.

  2. Andi, safe journey!

    WaPo is having a "name the heat wave" contest. I voted for "Helter Swelter".

    Planning to spend the weekend holed up at home, thank you very much.

    Hope the rest of you keep cool!

  3. Safe travels & good times, Andi!

    Maria, back before I met Mrs. Fetched, we had a heat wave here in the ATL where it was hitting 105 most days. Spent a lot of time at the pool & took a Saturday afternoon tubing on The Hooch (Chattahoochee River). When the water's 65F, you can stay cool. Yup yup.

  4. As we used to say in Miami, "It's not the heat, it's the stupidity." (Meaning that once the heat index hits three digits everyone starts acting like their brains are melting, probably because they are.)

    Love this photo, the color and texture are great. Hope you Fs have a safe drive and a nice visit, and that everyone has a stupidity-free day. :)

  5. Love the photo - that's the kind of line we need right now. Just got a message from the police that there is a heat emergency for the next three days. UGH!

    And Maria, I love Helter Swelter! Always loved that song despite the Charles Manson hookup. And loved hearing it live at the concert.

  6. We've got... rain.

    I just hope Gov. Perry doesn't try to solve the heatwave problem with his "prayer days". Last time he did that, Texas went up in flames.

    Can't wait for our vacation. Will be staying at the Moolack Shores Motel (it's not 'just a motel'" It's "quirky" :) And most of all... it's right on the beach! Thundering waves and a lighthouse with miles of secluded beach. I don't care if it rains or not. :)

    Ciao for Niao! It's my Friday.

  7. Hi Maria. We did have a safe journey and very fine day. I love the name Helter Swelter but I sure hate the weather.

    Ugh Farf, I sure hope we avoid triple digits here (we're supposed to).

    I like that saying, Jen, and I sure do understand it. You walk outside and thinking just seems like way too much trouble.

    We need it too, Dina. It hasn't rained here for about two weeks.

    Janet, jealous of your rain. Your vacation spot sounds wonderful. Hope you'll take lots and lots of pictures.

  8. Maria, in the WaPo contest, anything that ends with -agedon is a-out-en in my book.

    Hey Jen, doncha know all that heat index stuff is a liberal conspiracy. That's what Rush says.

    Stay cool, everyone.