Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Crown Rests Easy

Taken June 26, 2011.

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  1. More spiky things, I see. Perfect image for Virtual Monday.

    Blackberry smoothies are in the blender, watch for seeds!

  2. Happy Not-Holiday, all!

    I spent the weekend mostly offline and watching Hotel Babylon on Netflix streaming.

    Kit now has many meds & is doing much better. He's eating normally!

    Jim, how's the recuperation going?

    Hoping for an uneventful week...

  3. Hi, all. Here's hoping that there is lots of healing going on.

    Looks to be another nice day here as long as the humidity doesn't get out of hand.

    Happy virtual Monday!

  4. Cops and firefighers and sirens, oh my! It was like warfare in the streets last night. It was eery and kinda creepy.

    All of a sudden it's hot summer now.

    Glad we didn't allow Bush Jr. to put his Saudi friends pipeline through our Colombia Gorge has he tried and tried to do. Sorry about that Montana. Was the worst spill worth the "jobs"?

    That's what scares me alot about down economies. The CorpKings get so much slave like stuff going on and bad companies get away with so much because they can say, "well it will bring in jobs to the area." Why they don't focus on Green Jobs or building things like schools and universities is beyond me.

    Cats are okay. Moonya had it the worst. Dylan, the newbie, wasn't too fazed.

    12 to 8er today... still no word back about the new store position. I hope they call before their open job fair to the public. Grrr.

  5. Ooh, Farf, blackberry smoothies, sounds yummy.

    Tomorrow he goes to the doctor for an x-ray to make sure everything is back where it should be, Maria.

    Happy nice weather day, Dina.

    Thinking good thoughts about the job, Janet.

  6. Andi, here's hoping tomorrow goes smoothly!

  7. Quiet evening in last night - well, it wasn't quiet outside, but I'm glad folks enjoyed their own celebrations!

    Enjoy those berries, Farf! And fingers crossed for Jim's full recovery, andi. Stuffed green peppers sounds yummy!

    Planning my next road trip back to FL the end of the month - time flies way too quickly when you're having fun, but there's places to go and peeps to see down the road.

    But first, a few more weeks in the ID sunshine!

  8. Me too, Dina.

    Thanks Beth. Florida in August!?! Ugh, heat and humidity out the wazoo. Sure you wouldn't want to plan that for October instead?

    Night everybody.