Monday, July 4, 2011

Can't Get Together to Celebrate the Holiday?

Happy 4th of July to all who celebrate it.

Taken July 2, 2011.

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  1. Wishing all my friends across the Pond a great day!

  2. Waving Back Nicky!!

    Happy 4th to all.
    Starting out a scorcher here. Already in the 80's and not even dawn.

    Makes me nervous looking at Jim near the edge. Want to see safety lines attached.

    Quiet weekend here.
    Cyberhugs to All.

  3. Hiya Nicky.

    Happy 4th to you, Lisa. And don't worry; I'm Jim's safety line -- I have my Junior Lifesaving certificate (from a mere 49 years ago).

  4. Hi all and happy Fourth to those of us in the good ole USofA!

    Andi, always good to be up to date - glad Jim has you! :)

    Quiet here and not too hot so I am not complaining.

  5. Happy Fourth, all. Hope your ribs heal quickly, Jim! And to the rest, enjoy however you celebrate today. Hoping to do parade, bbq with friends and fireworks - the best of everything holiday-ish.

    Stay cool!

  6. It looks like the dogs are standing guard for Jim. As if they are worried someone might push him off. :P

    Went to yoga by myself Sunday and it's a deep stretch class with heavy meditation. I loved it. I had to adapt only 1 1/2 poses. So glad I found the perfect studio for me and Wayne. We did so many poses Fri and Sun and I don't feel any pain in my core or shoulders like I did the one class. My other muscles are a bit sore but it's the "you're exercising" sore.

    Our yoga mats arrived. I researched them but obviously not enough. They're great. But it said they were an "American Company", "Small Business", "Sustainable Practices"... etc etc as well as it was PVC free and free from all the other chems.

    Mats arrived Saturday with the "thank you for supporting small business in America" sticker on the rolled up mats... right underneath guess what the other sticker said.

    "Maid in Taiwan" &^%$#!

    Having my brother over for Boston Baked Beans (left overs) and some small fireworks.

  7. It was hot here, Dina, and I am complaining.

    We had a nice visit with family, Beth. No bbq though -- we went for the traditional 4th of July stuffed green peppers. :)

    I thought there were always small fireworks when you were around, Janet. ;)

  8. Hi all! Late, I know…

    Hi back, Nicky!

    Lisa, hope you didn't get cooked out there. I understand some of TX at least has a fireworks ban, bummer.

    Andi, wasn't that what happened to Jim in the first place? I hope he's careful!

    Hi Dina & Beth!

    Janet, that has to suck. Isn't there some kind of false advertising you can whack 'em with?

    I engaged in my personal July4 tradition and picked 2g of blackberries today. Got a gallon designated to trade for a like amount of blueberries, and the rest are in the freezer ready for pie or smoothies. The latter is a great way to cool off after being out in the heat, and Mason likes to help me drink them. ;-)

    Tomorrow is Virtual Monday!