Saturday, July 30, 2011

Am I Blue

Taken July 14, 2011.

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  1. ... continued from yesterday.

    Woo hoo, rain! There wasn't much wet in it but what was there was cherce.

    Hi Beth. Happy friend-seeing. Drive carefully as you bop from one place (currently Lincoln, Nebraska I'm guessing) to the next place.

  2. That looks like the tassel of a silly hat! You ARE good at the jokes. ;-)

    Happy w/e everyone.

  3. Hi, all. Computer is acting up and won't let me stay signed in so I will need to post twice to get email follow ups. Sorry about that.

    Everyone enjoy the weekend!

  4. And here's the second one!

  5. Janet, I am so sorry to learn of your health issues and will be thinking positive thoughts for you, sending your surgeon all the good steady-hand vibes I can manage. :) Fwiw, E had her gallbladder removed several years ago and it went very well, her recovery went very well, and she felt considerably better once everything healed. There has been a difference in how her system digests and metabolizes certain foods, though, so if you're up for it you might want to read about the possible dietary after-effects while you're laid up in recovery.

    A little unsolicited advice follows (so, you know, feel free to tell me to eff off and mind my own damn biz, lol) re: the drugs, because both my parents were addicts, and I know this stuff sorta like farmers' kids know tractors. Unless you're eating it by the fistful, Vicodin is actually not "the hard stuff". Vicodin has several different strengths and preparations but all of them are more in the mid-range, similar to Lortab. Percocet and Percodan are both stronger painkillers than Vicodin & Lortab, none of which are as strong as Oxycontin and Dilaudid -- those last two would definitely count as "the hard stuff", along with drugs such as Morphine and Fentanyl.

    Unless one is a professional junkie and/or already very familiar with how one's body metabolizes these substances, one ought:

    1) never double the dose (if your pills are scored then you can generally safely cut them in half, ask your doc if you have concerns about that, but that's what I do whenever my pain exceeds what Tylenol or Advil can handle, and 1/2 pill usually works for my pain without messing up my head);
    2) never mix it with even a little bit of alcohol or with any other similar drug (my doc once rx'd me Vicodin & this muscle relaxer called Soma and eating them both messed up my head for nearly 72 hours);
    3) always, at least whenever possible, eat a solid meal within 30 minutes before you take your scheduled dose, and take your pill with a full glass of water (milk and yogurt are also good).

    This concludes my public service announcement on prescription painkillers. Tune in next week when I cover street drugs*. Happy pain-free and puke-free weekend to everyone, and happy Vacation Commencement to Farf!
    *Not really.

  6. (((Jen)))) Hey there Sugarpants! I haven't touched the vicodin/hydrocodon 5/500 since. But will follow your advice in the future. I'm usually pretty good with following pill orders but I was trying to "catch up" after a really long, horrible day.

    Had to get back on schedule with the other two pills I'm now taking for the arthritis. I'm just not used to taking things all the time.

    My best friend had her galbladder removed and she's pain free in so many ways now.

    One more day. My right shoulder is screaming at times. I now think it's more due to the galbladdeer than arthritis.

    About ready to toss out the cable. Roku is doing nicely.

    Speaking of TV. Discovery (yeah the one that had Palin's show for about two minutes) is doing a series called "Curiosity". Wayne got to see a cool premier of it at his work and he says it's going to be awesome. I think he's a bit biased though :D

    He's getting his passport together. Was treated like dirt because he doesn't have a drivers license. But it appears he'll be going to Isreal for a week or two as an "auditer". What does de at big blue? He's some sort of electrical and mathematical engineer dude. But it's more like he's a Machine Jedi. He's now teaching other abroad his "mind tricks".

    Back to bed for a bit. The animals got me up... or more to the point I needed to get up and move around a bit. Every now and then it feels like a baby's foot is pressing up against my right ribs. I woke up last night in a fog and reached down to my tummy like a pregnancy. LOL

  7. I also had my gallbladder removed years ago. It was comparatively very easy and in total, I was out for only 2 weeks. And I felt much better afterwards.

    Hope you have it as easy!

  8. Lost the post.

    ((((Dina)))) I've heard from several that they felt so much better afterwards. So many little aches and pains and indigestion issues were etchasketched away.

    But OMG 2 weeks?!?!?! yikes.

    Spoke to my brother and he said that vicodin makes him super sick. He avoids it like the plague. Never knew that. But I might need to take a halfsie soon as it's getting annoyed with me again. Like rib rollercoaster.

    ENough about my innertubes. :) Waynes got bacon hissing and I'm turning into a WeremybaconWolf. Awwwrhoooo!

  9. I did this post before I knew about Silly Hat Day -- which you could tell because otherwise this post would have had a totally different title.

    'puter problems are the pits, Dina. Hope they cleared up.

    Jen, you are just a wellspring of knowledge -- though I have to admit I prefer when the treatises are on things you've cooked or baked than things that cook or bake you.

    Hope tonight and Sunday go by very fast and as painlessly as possible, Janet. May the bacon be with you.

  10. I was in Beatrice, NE last night, just south of Lincoln. And now I'm in Fayette, MO. Unfortunately not going to be in your neighborhood this time, andi. Heading north to Chicago on Monday.

    Enjoying visiting friends this weekend - hope everyone has a good one.