Saturday, July 23, 2011

Accidental Designs

Taken July 12, 2011.

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  1. Languid wave to all. The heat is awful.

    Beth, I hope you weren't hurt in the fender bender. Sorry about the car.

    Stay cool everyone.

  2. Farf! We would love to hook up with you and shoot the sh*t! My email is azulism at yahoo dot com and we can plan ahead that way. Whoot! I'm gonna meet Farf!

    Beth, sorry to hear about your collision. What happened?

    Jim, Rain Forest! Hurrican Ridge area in the Olympic National Park up in Washington is Primo! Where a certain sailor proposed to me.

  3. I'd wave back, Dina, but it's too hot to move that much.

    Janet, Jim and I met Farf and we just wanted to let you know he's not a serial killer or anything ... at least not when he's with his wife and daughter. ;)

  4. Too bad you can't say the same thing to him about me. :P


    Told Wayne and we'd love to take him out for Thai food.

    Maybe he'd like a quick tour of New Seasons Markets? Especially since he can sample anything he wants :)

  5. I spent Thanksgiving with the Farf clan years ago, Janet - they don't bite! :) And were gracious hosts, in spite of my being very sick with the flu, or some other nasty bug. Yay for meeting blog buddies!

    Nope, not hurt. Speeding motorcyclist lost control of his bike and slammed into me. Had he been going the speed limit, we could have easily avoided each other. Me, I was sitting still. Sigh. He scraped his leg since he was wearing shorts, but that was it. Except for the damage to the vehicles. Sigh again.

    Thai food sounds yummy - can I come? :)

    Work ground to a halt this morning, finally - the last 3 weeks were grueling. Hopefully it picks back up soon, but at a reasonable pace.

    Peaceful Sunday to all tomorrow...I think I'm going to Sandpoint to play for the day!

  6. I hope he was insured, Beth. Anyway have fun today!