Thursday, June 2, 2011

Waves of Delight

Folly Beach, SC May 28, 2011.

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  1. Andi, wonderful pics.
    I could sure use some beach time.
    Today is my last day with kiddos.
    WooHoo. Jim is ahead of me on that.

    Love the camera, Maria. You will have plenty of fun with that.

    We jumped from cool to mid 90's in a single bound. So Summer temps slapping us up side the head.

    Beth, hope you are safe in your travels.

    Cats in heaven=being able to sit in the big window behind my desk. No more Bro cats here, so mine get to reclaim their rightful spots.
    Lack of silence for so many months has made the refound silence and alone time really nice.

    Thursday winking at Friday to all.

    Waves to all.

  2. Yummy beach pic. Beach itself, not so yummy (sun allergies) - I prefer beaches in the winter. :)

    Am looking forward to the coolth! Thunderstorms last night blew out the hot stickiness and replaced with warm & dry. I'll take it!

    Looking forward to playing with my camera this weekend.

    Jim, may your retirement days be blessed with interesting things to do and plenty of relaxation.

    Lisa, hoorah for silence!!

    Happy weekend, all.

  3. Hi, everyone. Had a great trip which included a wonderful meal with Nancy at Union Station. Though I still can't believe that Nancy climbed to that ceiling!

    Maria, good luck with the camera. More importantly, enjoy it.

    Jim - happy retirement! Lisa - happy silence.

    Glad to be home.

  4. Just sticking a nose in long enough to wish Jim a happy retirement and wave at everyone else.

  5. Happy School's Out for Summer, Lisa!

    Maria, this beach has a nice pier with places you can sit and watch the ocean without ever being in the sun. Sounds perfect for you.

    Welcome home, Dina. How fun for you to get to be with Nancy.

    Waving back atcha, Kelly.

  6. Thanks all. I am sure that I'll get used to this retirement thing; I've always loved my summers. It's just endless summer from now on, right? Well once I get my room cleaned out for the next teacher.

  7. Love the beach pic, Andi. Makes me want to be there. I’d love to be retired like Jim, but not just yet. Maybe next year, when the chicken houses get shut down. Fewer opportunities to be slave labor = happier FARf.

    Lisa, here’s hoping you have a Summer of Quiet with plenty of writing opportunities.

    Maria, looking forward to pix with the new camera!

    Waving at Dina & Kelly because Mason needs attention…

    Five-day weekend! I might be scarce, but I have my Friday Flash queued up for tomorrow morning.

  8. Enjoy that really long "weekend", Farf.

    Night everybody.

  9. Jim, congrats on finishing school. . . hope there's lots of joy in that as well as the inevitable sadness.

    We hope you all survived the winds and rain.

    We have 3 weeks to go to the end of school, maybe permanently, as every teacher in Detroit has been laid off this time around, and many schools are being closed. Another pack it all up and wait.

    Love the shore picture - and the turtle, too, great pics as usual.
    Hi to all, good luck and best wishes,
    now diving back beneath the surface.

  10. Howdy KS! Great to have you stop by. Hope all is well with you and Teach (and a happy summer vacation to Teach).

  11. Love the pink sky Andi ... and the silhouetted people. And the sheen on the water where it meets the sand. :)