Sunday, June 26, 2011

Unforseen Circumstances

have cancelled the poetry post. Jim took a fall Saturday and is in hospital with a partially collapsed lung. As you can see, despite the lung and being sore all over, he's doing well enough to take his own picture. Updates later today.


  1. Oh, goodness! Hope you're up and about soon, Jim.

  2. Thanks, Nicky. I just got an email from him a little bit ago saying he is breathing much, much better so it sounds like the lung is re-inflating.

  3. OMG what happened, a bicycle crash? Sound pretty serious if a partial lung collapse was involved.

    Hope you're up & hiking/biking soon, Jim. But until then, rest & heal.

  4. Best to Jim. I am glad to hear that he is breathing better.

  5. Yikes! Hope you feel better, Jim. ~ Laura

  6. Thanks Farf, Dina, and Laura (brings up thought of Ryan, doesn't it).

    Updated status. He's doing better but he'll have to spend at least one more day and maybe two in the hospital until they are sure that the lung is fully re-inflated and will stay inflated.

    Farf, it wasn't a bike fall. We were doing work on our house which meant we had to take part of the deck railing down and he just had a misstep in precisely the wrong place.

  7. I hope he can come home tomorrow but the lung is nothing to fool around with.

    Rumor had it that breathing is important.

  8. Eek! Give him my best, and both of you take care.

  9. Hi all,

    Thanks for all of your concern and wishes.

    Things are much better than yesterday evening. I may get to go home on Monday.

    In the future I'll watch my feet as well as my hands.

  10. Eeek indeed! Glad you're okay, Jim. VERY scary!

  11. Did he fall? Or was he "pushed" from behind? :D

    ((((Jim))))) you take care!

    Wayne's had a punctured lung from a rib... from a hockey stick. He played the rest of the period and then came home because "I can't catch my breath". We took him in and voila.. punctured.

    How many more days you going to be in there? Hell, I was out in hours after giving birth to a baby, fercripesake. :D

    Take care!!!! XOXOXOX

  12. The yoga class was FANTASTIC!!!! I fell in love with everything about it. is where I go. Wayne and I will go to it on Fridays together. Sundays I go alone to another class I just did today. I pre-signed up for an 8wk course. Don't ever do that unless you've done a class once there. I don't really like this class. It was all about posing. One pose to the next. No breathing, no guided meditation. But I'll stick it out and then put my money and time into the Ombase yoga on Sundays.

    Intriguing how 2 yoga classes can be SO different.

    I really like the Ombase studio. Physically, emotionally, aesthetically, and yes even "spirituall". Very healing. The one today was very "basic". It was like the Wal Mart of yoga for me. Maybe it's a good class but the other one, the hippier one, was more to my needs. So the contrast was very stark.

    But I'm doing something. I LOVE the first class. Very centering and extremely calming.

    I read a story about an enviromental activist and their dealing with their inner ragae at it all. It's very hard dealing with anger when you're trying to "wage peace". You become an alien amongst people who try so hard not to be aware of things. So I think this will help me on many levels.

    as to the sports bra... I just went with an Addidas tank top with an inner lining and got a Under Armor wicking t-shirt to wear over it. It does just fine. I'm a regular old C cup so I don't know why it's so hard to find a damn sports bra for average sized female...

  13. Can't the hospital find a bed that fits him?

    Seeing his legs hanging off the bed like that makes me ache.

    Poor Jim.

  14. Yikes! Don't you carry a spare?

    Be well, be inflated, be airy!

  15. Nice socks, Jim! I learned somewhat late in life that a person has to have some decent sockage.

    Hey there Nancy!

    Sawhrry you guys but I have every intention of winning Nicola's Murder Fortissimo. Neener.

  16. Glad to here you are breathing easier!!! I'll just send a squeeze to a foot rather than tax the lungs with a cyberhug.
    Window washer harness may be in your future.

    Andi, MAJOR cyberhugs to You. What a scare. When our guys go down it's a big deal.

    Will be sending plenty of healing thoughts your way.

  17. You're a sweet bunch.

    I just did my respiratory exercise - basically slow deep breaths. I think of it as medical meditation. I visualize my lung sticking to my chest wall as I chant, "Oooommmmmyyyyyggggooooddddtttthhhhiiiissshhhhuuuurrrrttttssss!!!!"

  18. That's yoga, my dear man ;)

    (((JIM)))) Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmm