Monday, June 20, 2011

Two for the Road

Taken June 8, 2011.

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  1. The road goes ever on and on...

    Morning, peeps! @ the mimes early today as I must leave early for eye doc appt.

    Quiet weekend at home, keeping a low profile and eating bland foods. The tummy virus seems to be gone now (she says, with caution).

    I'm plunging into the Cable TV land again tonight, mostly because of True Blood starting next Sunday night and a couple of other things. We'll see how long this bout lasts. ::g::

    Happy Monday!!

  2. Maria, glad your stomach is better.

    Lisa, I hope the wildfires in TX are far away from you and yours. Looked at a map today and it looks like east TX is in serious trouble.

  3. Waves to all. Stay safe and healthy and enjoy the week.

  4. Hooray for itty-bitty doggies! Punchy here, how are you? I keep telling myself that some day I will be caught up, but I'm starting to think I might be lying to me. Not sure how best to take me to task for that. Better put it on the to-do list…augh!


  5. Howdy Maria, Dina, and Kelly (as for that Jim fella ... I think I've met him somewhere before).

    Somewhat eventful day here. Huge storms just north of us dumping massive amounts of rain (6-8 inches in some places) but we got just a 1/2 inch here (though rivers in the area are expected to rise 10 feet tomorrow so plenty of flood warnings). Then this afternoon we got our satellite internet connection back after almost two weeks of it being out and then, just as I was starting to enjoy its return, the power went out amidst mild blue skies and was out for three hours. I'm hoping for a quieter evening.

  6. Andi, I hope you stay safe and dry.

    A friend from Omaha (Sally who Maria and Nancy know) has been sending me pictures of the flooding there and it is incredible. Businesses are closing for 3 months because that is how long it is estimated that the water will be there.

  7. We'll be fine, Dina. We're way up a hill several hundred feet above where the flooding will be.

    That's terrible about Omaha and environs. The flooding that's expected here won't be anything like that. It won't, thankfully, even be close to the level of the 500-year flood we had in 2008.

  8. Floods in some places, droughts in others. My friend's mother calls it global weirdness. I hope everyone is safe...