Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer's Here! The Pool is Open!

Taken June 21, 2011.

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  1. Isn't the pool open year-round? Or are they sneaking in when the lifeguard isn't on duty?

  2. Jim, here's hoping those breathing exercises hurt less and less. Dang it for having to do that breathing thing so often.

    Andi, do some deep breathing of your own to quell a bit of that anxiety. Never feels right when other half not home. I know the pups are doing their best to soothe you. After they get their walk.
    Back to Hot and Dry here. Situation Normal--Summer.

    Cyberhugs and waves to all that come.

  3. Hi all.

    Jim and Andi - sending bunches of good thoughts. Take care.

    Lovely picture and lovely day here. If it would only stay like this.

  4. Looks like a bunch of critters pee in that pool than just the dogs. :)

    Keep breathing, Jim :) I can only imagine the pain. I've only had cracked and bruised ribs from when a politicians adults daughter hit and ran me when I was a kid on my bike. I do remember that it hurt to breath. It was death to cough or laugh. So I can only groan with you when I think of you doing those air exercises. Take care.

    Retirement: Who knew it could be so dangerours? :)

    I'm quitting the 2nd yoga class. Read their refund policy (stinky one) and I'm going to explain that I'm not there for a "work out". Yoga can be a work out but I need the relaxation kind. Like from the first studio. I've got the general aches from a full body work out but my chest and shoulder HURT. So it was too much for me right now. So I'm not actually quitting, I'm realizing what my body needs for now. If I "stuck it out" I'd only hurt myself or give up for good. I want to continue liking it and doing it so I can progress into higher levels. This 2nd class was too much too soon.

    Have a good Monday everyone! especially Jimster and Andi

  5. Long day. Jim's still in the hospital but the lung is improving.

    Night all.