Saturday, June 11, 2011

Stuck On You

Note: Due to technical difficulties, this will be a Saturday and Sunday post.

Taken May 23, 2011.

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  1. Hope everybody has a great weekend. Hope we have "real" internet back some time Monday.

  2. I hope so, Andi. Sucks not to have it (are we spoiled or what?!?)

    Kelly, hope the roof problem goes away without too much cost or effort.

    Waves to all.

  3. On Twitter, such comments usually get the tag #FirstWorldProblems. Hope you get your faster speeds back soon.

    Kelly, leaky roof means at least you're getting rain! Hope it's an easy and above all (get it?) cheap fix.

    Blackberries are already starting to get ripe. I got up this morning before the rug rats woke up & got about a quart. We'll have gallons next week if we can get one good rain.

  4. I hope the KMc pooties don't get drizzled on. Sorry to hear about your roof. Ours is covered with moss and needs to be power washed. The other day, I saw two ducks sitting up on it just as hapy as two clams.

    Farf, send some of those blackberries my way. Easy way to freeze them is to put them on a cookie sheet and freeze em so they are somewhat individually frozen. Then put them in baggies. At least that's what the foodies at work tell me to do with my berries. Keep wonderfully that way for smoothies and margies. And I use them to dress up lemonade. Nothing like fresh limeade and using frozen raspberries as some delish decor.

    Gotta go to the Nook store and possibly return my NookColor. I bought the contract thingy. It's frozen up on me three times now. Still "processing" a free book from Thursday!!! So I wasn't able to dl my book I bought which was a collection of SF Dystopian novels. Brave New WorldS.

    Oh and Wall Street Journal can go pound sand. American Taliban Rag is all it is. Attacking books. What's next? A list of women to be burned at the stake? Oh wait, that's Palin's church group study.

    Gonna watch the kidlets weed the front yard. Few errands to run and hten I should be somewhat free to do what I please.

    xoxo to all.

  5. Marvelous Sunday Morning
    Hubby's off to help transport the troop to Summer Camp. He'll be home this evening as he is on call for work. Work what a wonderful thing.
    I'm writing an online class on Story Structure I'm going to teach this Fall through Margie Lawson's Writing Academy.
    Enjoying unstructured time and sleeping till 6 am--what luxury.

    Andi, here's hoping you and Jim get reconnected soon. I know you enjoy your connections to friends.

    Jim, I'm thinking retirement hasn't even sunk in as you've been busy.

    Kelly, leaky room--sigh. Can't anyone do their job well when they fix things for us?
    Farf, Blackberry cobbler is all I can think of now. Wishing Planet Georgia were closer.

    Waves to Maria, Beth, Janet, Candis, Dina, Jen, Nancy, Nicky and all that may follow.

    A great Sunday to all.


  6. Janet, thanks for the freezing tip. Last some years, I've done a case each of jam, jelly, and syrup. This year, I'm thinking about making sorbet. The rugrats will snack on 'em, and I've already thought about the lemonade idea. ;-)

    Sounds like your Nook is a lemon. They'll probably exchange it. If B&N is as well-organized as Amazon, you'll be able to re-download your purchases to the new one w/o too much effort.

    As for the WSJ, I don't pay any attention to them. Attacking books? Sounds like the old-guard rats circling the drain & trying to climb atop one another to survive a few seconds longer.