Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Point in History

Taken May 29, 2011.

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St. Philip's Episcopal Church is located in the French Quarter of Charleston at 146 Church Street. The congregation dates back to 1681 making it the oldest in South Carolina. The present church was built in 1836 with the impressive steeple tower added by 1850. St. Philip's steeple tower served as a lighthouse for the Charleston Harbor for many years and the church is designated a National Historic Landmark.


  1. Beautiful picture (as usual!)

    Nice relaxing day today. Hope you all are doing the same.

  2. Beautiful -- love the layers (trees, church, clouds).

    Hope you're having a great weekend.

    Maria -- let us know (and see) how you're making out with the new camera. Exciting!

  3. Saw the word History and figured it might be another one of those Palin Moments of Profound Stupidty LOL Did you see her explanation of Paul Revere's Ride? ROFL Stupidity like that should be painful.


    It's going to be a beautiful day here in Portland. Supposed to be in the 80s. Yeah! Nothing to do today but hang out, drink blood orange margaritas while sitting in my adirondack chairs that we painted a sealant on last week. ( painted the chairs while listening to George Harrison... always cool!)

    Went to the Docs yesterday about my arthritus in my colloarbone and sternum due to the CT scan showing stress fractures and a nasty gallstone situation that I have managed to wave off as being old or tired. You live with pain for so long that you begin not to notice outher painful things. We'll see what is to be done about the stone/s. But the main focus was what to do about the athritus and how I will live the next 40 to 50 years with it. It's in a very nasty area which complicates a few things. No cortisone shots due to the vacinity of such things like oh.. my heart. I have to focus on keeping mobility. He prescribed some athritus medicine and a major pain killer that isn't a narcotic. It's a deneurolizer. Gabapentin. I slept last night without any pain! Gaba Gaba Hey! And he wants me to take a day to focus on and attend breathing excercises and yoga. Some transcendental meditation and accupuncture therapy. I had to come to Portland to be a "Californian" I think this new drug and new focus is going to change my life for the better. Lemons out of lemondade.

    I'm dropping one day at work. More about that some other time. But the medial sitch will help in that decision instead of that nasty, snarky behind the scenes double standards of my one particular job one day of the week issue.

    And me and Shinobi have been walking almost a mile each day after work. Pockets full of puppy bags that are not the take out doggy bags if you know what I mean. She's losing more and more of her sight which makes the walking a little more interesting (like she is now crapping on cement sidewalks!) but since her operation she's been so healthy. Docs expect another few years out of her. :)

    Go BRUINS! and you all go have a beautiful pain free day!

  4. Hello Everyone!

    My brother dropped by for a little bit and let me use his computer for a minute. So I'm dropping ya'll a line.

    Both George and I are doing OK. We're still at the same place and it's as hot as can be down here. We were lucky on the tornadoes that came through and the closest one was 20 miles away. The little town that it hit it basically took off the map. My nephew lives in Tuscaloosa and the tornado took off the roof of his house, but thankfully no one was hurt.

    For one in I don't know when George and I have the house to ourselves. I have to admit I'm really enjoying it.

    Well just wanted to let everyone know we're doing OK and that I hope all of you are also.

    Take care,


    Forgot my Google account again, so I'm posting Anonymous.

  5. Glad you and George are okay!!

    When ya moving to Portland Paradise? :) Even pooches love it here.

  6. So glad I dropped by on a day you were here, Whit! Like Janet, I'm glad you and George are okay. And Janet, hooray for a good night's, pain-free sleep! More of that.

    Hey, Andi, Jim, & all. . .howdy doody!(For which you won't need doggie bags of any sort.)

    Me? I'm off to have a glass of wine with Porch Sally this evening while her hubby is playing violin at a wedding.

  7. Thanks Dina. Hope that relaxing day is easing into a relaxing evening.

    I'm having a fine weekend, Candis. Wishing the same for everybody.

    I hope everything turns out fine for both you and Shinobi. Lemonade all round.

    Howdy Whit! So happy to hear from you and know you -- and George -- are doing fine. Your brother should come by more often. ;)

    Enjoy the visit, the wine, and the porch, Nancy. Maybe the hubby will come home and serenade the both of you.

  8. Note to self: Pickard would probably like my cowboy pit patio with margaritas and salsa... by the time she arrives here, I'll have it perfected. :D

    That goes for all you all who globe trot my way.