Monday, June 13, 2011

Please Don't Eat the Daisies

Both taken June 2, 2011.
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  1. Hi everybody. We're back. Satellite is still out but yesterday we got a Verizon 3G gizmo that let's us use a cell connection to get on the internet.

    Hope everybody had a fine weekend.

  2. Welcome back, Andi!

    Love the pictures - nice way to start a Monday.

    Waves to all that follow.

  3. Checking in before I start working for the day. Made it to San Diego safely on Friday, and have been playing with my friend ever since. Today she works, so I work. We've worn ourselves out with beach walking, wine tasting, food eating, and lots and lots of talk. One more day here, then on to San Francisco.

    Hopefully I'll find time to write about it at my place soon. But til then, I'm here, enjoying being out of the desert.

    Congrats, Lisa, on the writing/teaching gig! Very exciting!

    Hope all are well, leaks are fixed, berries are picked, internets come back, and the week isn't too hard on anyone.

    Happy Monday!

  4. Hallooo,

    Passing through on the way to checking in with the houseguest (my MIL) and then hopefully some work on the new book. Hope all is well with all.

  5. Plugs right into your USB port, right? I did the stuff needed to tether my laptop to my phone, in case the DSL conks out here & I need to get on.

    Home from the mimes… hoping to get a blog post done tonight.

  6. Hope each day this week starts out (and stays) nice for you, Dina.

    Too bad about the work interrupting your beach time, Beth. Mean ole work. :( Enjoy SF.

    Howdy, Kelly. Don't work too hard.

    It's even cooler than that, Farf. It's a cell modem and a router so you can connect up to five computers.