Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Looking for a Winning Streak

Taken June 16, 2011.

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  1. Today, FTW!! (speaking of winning ::G::)

    * T'storms last night washed away the awful humidity
    * Former agent's heirs are getting their act together (more or less) with prodding & assistance from SFWA
    * it's Wednesday (and not Monday)
    * Jim is home

    Did I miss anything? :)

    Wonderful Weds to all!

  2. I realized I missed yesterday. Well not the day, just stopping in here. Power outage in the early am then annual physical and blah blah. I lose my mind when things get thrown off.

    Here's hoping Jim will soon be able to be licked and snuggled with by pups. I guess Andi could fall into that category too, but that sounds more like a Farf comment.
    Home looks so good after these type of experiences. Amazing how we can appreciate the little things like our own chair and computer and our own bed and bathroom.

    I'm jealous of having all those clothes that don't fit, Maria. Great feeling it must be to look forward to buying new things and feeling so much better.
    My weight loss is SLOW. I hate exercise and so reluctant be I. I do love walking but the Texas Summer Heat--not so much.
    I need Andi and the pups to drag me out and run me up and down their hills.

    Beth, I noticed the Folger's winner was not your pal. Is there runner-up money? Work has it's merits but only alternating with slacking.

    Waves to Dina, Janet, Nicky, Farf, Kelly, Candis and all others to follow!!

    Off to work on class.

  3. Morning! Jim's home!!!

    Maria, too bad they didn't get their act together earlier. They lost a good writer. :-/

    Lisa, thanks much — if I miss a chance to perv, I can always count on my friends here to fill in for me! Heehee. Maybe you should try walking at night if your neighborhood isn't too scary. Otherwise, maybe a good used exerbike in front of Da Tube would help.

    Elbow-deep in file conversions. For some perverse reason, I actually like it.

  4. Welcome home, Jim!!!!

    I have to race off now to get to work (9 to 5) today yeah!

    I'm late because I commented and then posted in a Big Orange diary by dixiedemocrat about the lingering violence of rape - shame. I've shared my store of survival before - and that is why I love and adore many of you as you know my history and in many ways saw me grow and gain my voice as an activist...

    I've raised my children to love books, music, and art and to fight and protect those things. As well not to live a life of shame or be shamed. Shame is a tool on the war on women.

    I'm spent. But reminded of my adoration and love for many of you here. And many from the Froggy Pond.

  5. Waves to all and welcome home, Jim. So glad that you are feeling better.

    Janet, so true about shame. Also blaming the victim. Neither should occur though both do.

  6. I am home. Really, really, puppy-dog-happy-dance happy to be here. Still sore (broken ribs & bruises various places), tire quickly (naps are the cure), doped up with strong pain meds, but happy.

  7. I like your winning list, Maria. :)

    Lisa, Jim was excitedly greeted by the dogs; then they blinked a couple of times and as far as they were concerned, he'd been home forever. Come on up any time and go walking with us. We'd love it.

    Well, Farf, everybody has their own kink. :D

    The thing we all know about you, Janet, is just how much strength you have.

    Howdy Dina. I hope you are enjoying the same great weather as we here in the midwest and Maria is in DC.