Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just Completely Sappy About The Forest

Taken June 5, 2011.

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  1. ... continued from yesterday.

    Well not really continued since I completely forgot to leave a comment. Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my senior moment.

    Maria, sorry about the stomach bug. I hope the BRAT at least made it a little less unpleasant.

    We got over 2 inches of rain yesterday, Lisa. I wish I could have shared it with you.

    I didn't even think about Peter Yarrow, Dina. Now I guess I'll just hum I'm being swallowed by a boa constrictor all day.

    Kiddies and kitties are soooo kute, Farf. :)

    And go those Bruins did, Janet.

  2. Thanks, Andi.

    Day 6 & counting. This is *not* the way I wanted to take days off. Ugh.

    Staying home yet again, my idea about going to work shattered as another bout of belly bonanza hit at around 5:30 a.m.

    I'd be more worried, but evidently GI bugs can take 5 to 7 days to work themselves out. Sigh.

    ::waves feebly::

  3. If a tree doesn't fall in a forest, and it doesn't make a sound, did anyone hear it?

    Janet, I saw a good blog post on that subject. The writer said, dystopian is as you've described. Without the oppressive government aspect, it's post-apocalyptic. I billed "The Last Journalist" the latter — an oppressive government might form later, but that wasn't the thrust of the story. Glad you liked it — it seems many people did, my stats said it's like the 7th most viewed post on the site in the last year.

    Andi, we've had a few rains here since Sunday — the blackberry crop is saved!

    Maria, here's hoping you can get some rest and get over this stupid bug. I expect you'll be debilitated for a while after it goes away, so don't try to bounce back immediately.

    Oh! Oh! Oh! Mason used his potty chair this morning! Cue two years of advances and regressions…

  4. Drive by hi and get well for Maria!

  5. Wa Hoooo!!! Bruins won and did it a classy manner. Vancouver, eh, not so much. Bruins are sipping champagne, Canucks... sucking down tear gas and black smoke. What a disgrace to the city and team. I just hope no one was killed in the riots. What a stain.

    I can't even tell you what a long hockey ride it's been this year. Seems that several rules have been "changed" LOL... but still bleed hockey and my family loves it.

    So we're very happy here. Sad it wasn't the Sharks but only the best team can hold the cup aloft. It wasn't to be for the Sharks and we're so happy our second team and Wayne's home boys won it.

    If anyone caught the game and saw the fans reactions... that's not how it used to be. Seems sports nowadays has turned into a mob mentality. People were throwing stuff onto the ice in the final minutes of the game. Unheard of. And when our captain lifted the cup - people threw cups and stuff.. Pathetic.

    Farf, I do like that story. I will read it again. I enjoy dystopian stories. But sometimes I can't read them for a while if I'm involved with something that sounds so similar. Some of the old stories could be non fiction of what's going on today. The craziness of the teabaggers. The attack on womens rights... sexuality and privacy issues. The attack on our schools... scary.

    Gotta work but tomorrow I feel like celebrating the Boston win.

    So a hello and see ya from a very happy hockey fan. Toodles!

  6. Wait!

    Big Stanley Cup hooray to Mason!!!

    I could write a book about potty training issues LOL Wes wasn't ready till he was almost 7 but that was due to a disability. But let me tell ya... changing a big boy's diapers for 6, 7 years... I've done my share for this life and whatever comes afterwards. :)

  7. Take care, Maria. Hope that bug is getting squashed.

    Saving the blackberry crop is very good news indeed, Farf. Of course, I never seem to get any of the berries before the birds and critters have picked the bushes clean.

    Hi and bye, Dina.

    Good night for the Bruins, Janet, and a really bad one for the city of Vancouver. I guess people have trouble remembering that it's only a game.

    Night all.

  8. Greetings from Coos Bay, Oregon. Wonderful day of driving through the wine country, redwoods, and along the Oregon coast. Wish I could spend a week instead of a day, but it was gorgeous and fulfilling. Tomorrow it's more coast-hopping to Portland, where I visit cousins I haven't seen in decades. Then home to Coeur d'Alene on Saturday. And settling into my friend's guest room for a few weeks, while I figure out my next step.

    Hope you're better soon, Maria - ugh! And yay to Mason - it's a start!

    Not sure I'm amazing, Dina, but thanks for the good traveling wishes, all.

    Wishing I had your rain, andi...

    Happy weekend, folks!