Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Joy Ride

Folly River SC May 28, 2011.

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  1. I wish I was going on a joy ride! Instead, driving to Newark for jury duty. But I have books so hopefully it won't be too bad.

  2. I'd say "have fun" back, Dina, but that seems really, really unlikely. Have a not too awful time!

  3. I finally finished getting my room emptied and things put away for my replacement. 95°F predicted for today; better get on the bike soon. Enjoy your reading Dina. Love this photo.

  4. Dina, we will envision you on the joy ride back home, when you finish!!

    Morning, all. Managed to make it through yesterday without smacking a project manager. (She asked me to help on a project, then didn't give me the right info to DO the work. When asked, she just got huffy...sigh.)

    Fun things: I took a variety of pics yesterday with the new toy.

    Temps are heating back up into the high 90s (bah!) - so I'll be doing a lot of inside stuff...not that it's all that different from the usual. ::g::

    Wishing everyone a great Tuesday!

  5. BOSTOM BRUINS finally laid the smackdown on those whining, diving, biting Canucks. (Husband is from Boston - Danvers, Mass) So he really doesn't like Palin's Twistory.

    Waves to all - it's my nasty 12-8 shift. Yuck.

  6. ER... that would be Boston Bruins. I don't think I can blame that on the medicines from last night. LOL And my big huggie bearcat Dylan isn't even near me. (He likes to tap the laptop or push himself into position for some love.

  7. Janet, don't you know every time a cat walks on a keyboard, a new volcano in Iceland gets its name.

  8. Love the orange-rose tint -- from the sunset? -- on the water.

  9. Love the pic with all your books stacked up, Maria.

    Woo hoo, Janet -- Danvers! Home to one of my favorite restaurants, the Sea Witch.

    Yep, Candis, sunset.

  10. every time a cat walks on a keyboard, a new volcano in Iceland gets its name

    Good one, Jim!!!

    Got back home about four hours ago. Just now have the opportunity to sit down with a cold beer & warm laptop. It's about 10°F cooler in the NC mountains than on Planet Georgia, so that was a nice break. Skylar was very soon dumped upon us. Oh well, I get to go back to the mimes tomorrow.

    Posted the 6th & last installment of the current Tuesday Serial. Finished the self-edit phase of White Pickups, which means it's time to turn it over to the beta readers. I got a pretty cool sign after I finished (literally!) — check the blawg tomorrow. ;-)

  11. Sorry about the return to work, Farf, but good news on your blog accomplishments. Looking forward to reading about that sign tomorrow.

    Night all.

  12. I love Charleston, andi. You ARE an intrepid explorer! You've seen many incredible places I have only dreamed of...

    Heading back to PHX tomorrow for last-minute loose-end-tying, and then off to San Diego Friday. Kind of dreading returning, but it's only for a couple of days. Getting away makes the craziness of the past few months that much clearer, and harder to deal with again, even for a couple of days.

    First I have to say goodbye to my sis, which is always hard. Wish I could learn to like snow again...

    I'll check in as I can.