Friday, June 3, 2011

In the Palm of the Palmetto State

Taken May 29, 2011.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Oh wow, texture, FTW! Lovely photo, Andi!

    Up early in the GLORIOUS weather. Low 80s today and low humidity. Can't beat that. Must run errands a bit later (need to wait for store to open, go figure). Then back home.

    Looking forward to playing with the new camera. Have to RTFM so I can re-familiarize myself with SLR functionality. Too used to the P&S styles. :)

    Happy Friday, all!

  2. Up WAY too early for a weekend, even a Virtual Weekend. Skylar was up before 7 & didn’t want to go back to sleep. Fortunately, Mason is still out despite the noise and the occasional visit.

    Enjoy the weather, Maria! I don’t know about Nikon, but Canon’s camera division does a very good job with their user manuals.

    Thinking about eating breakfast…

  3. Hi, all. Love the picture.

    Good luck with the camera, Maria.

  4. They make the most gorgeous baskets from the palmettos, Maria, but unfortunately they have pretty ugly prices. If you have any questions, you can post them here and I'm sure Jim and Candis will both be happy to help out.

    I sympathize, Farf. I never sleep late any more. I think it's a use or lose it knack.

    Thanks, Dina. I really like the palmettos but they aren't an easy tree to photograph.

  5. Great angle and composition.