Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gimme Shelter

Taken June 10, 2011.

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  1. So peaceful!! I could totally dig being out there at the lake, relaxing, writing, thinking.

    Fake!Friday today, yahoo, plus, I am taking Monday off and working the following Friday, so I get a 4 day weekend. Tomorrow is errand day. At least I can take care of stuff while most peeps are at work.

    Been listening to the soundtrack of the current How To Succeed in Business musical with Daniel Radcliffe as J. Pierpont Smith. Enjoying it immensely. When I lived in San Antonio, I helped put on a production of that show and it still remains a fond memory.

    Happy almost-weekend, all!

  2. Hi, all. Maria, I agree about that lake. Would love to sit there with a good book and relax.

    Errands today. Very foggy out.

  3. Andi's got me thinking of the Rolling Stones and later on tonight I sit out on the Oregon Zoo lawn and watch Taj Mahal. Niiiice.

  4. Might not be so peaceful right now, Maria -- camp is in session. :)

    Come on by later in August, Dina, when the kids are gone and try it out!

    Janet, I hope the concert is great -- thought I can't imagine him doing a bad concert. And I can't resist links to a couple of my favorites songs:

    Fishing Blues

    A Soulful Tune

  5. I love those, too. I can't think of a song of his I don't like...

    Love him in the DVD, "A Vision Shared" which is about Woody and Leadbelly.

    Drive by from Wayne: "[it'll be a] Nice night at the show because not one teabagger would be caught dead at this concert. Some peace and freedom from the idiots for a few hours."

  6. Add on: He's had a tough week at work because he's been training a total jerkwad who is Arizon and tried to get an employee badge with his nickname "Redneck" on it. The company refused of course. This guy is a total Amerikkkan Taliban loser.

    And as it turns out... lazy, sloppy and pretty much on his way out if he continues to LIE on his timecard.

    This is the turd who made jokes about the "tard bus". Wayne walked away and then later told him under no circumstances would he ever tolerate his hate speech or attempts to use our child or others as a punchline.

    He's stayed clear of him but now he has to do one on one training on him and I can tell it's draining.

  7. Ugh, Janet. It must be hard on your husband not to be able to just tell the guy to eff off and refuse to have anything to do with him.

  8. Andi, he's been in his face twice. He's told him and the crew that the next time he's marching him over to HR and file a formal complaint against him. Psst he'd rather beat the snot out of him though. Wayne is NOT the non-violent type. Hockey player, rugby player and former 3rd Platoon smartiepie athelete for the Navy and Marines. "Redneck" should be lucky that at least Wayne's a professional.

    Taj Mahal Trio was fantastic. He played the Fishing Blues, just for you! :)

    Glad I finally got to seem the man play.

    I hope to one day get to see Pete Seeger play... but I don't think that'll happen. At least he's been pardoned for all the BS that the government did to him.