Friday, June 10, 2011

Forest Prime

Taken May 23, 2011.

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  1. Andi, congratulations on the new roof. May it keep you cool in the summer, warm in the winter and shelter you from the storms.

    Much cooler today which is making me much happier.

  2. Alarums & excursions, indeed!

    Working @ the mimes today. Arrived behind 2 fire trucks. Since our parking garage is on the near side of the bldg. I did not know they were here for *us*!

    Realized it when elevator buttons were dead. Walked up ramp to enter front door. Fire fighters were going up & down the elevator. No rush, so I figured nothing was actually on fire.

    Ended up hanging out in the 1st floor deli for a bit until they all left. When I went up to 12 (our floor), turned out the alarms were going off on 11th floor. Evidently some glitch.

    All quiet now, though. Hee.

    Maybe it's a sign I should've stayed at home? ::g::

    Happy Friday, all!
    (Still ridiculously hot today, though NOT 102 as it was yesterday)

  3. Doing a sampling of Bridgeport Pub's Stumptown Tart beer and the local Rockabilly Pin Up Queen, Bernie Dexter, will be on hand to assist my hockeyloving co-worker who runs the beer and wine dept. He's so happy! LOL He has such a hard job at the mimes.

    Maria! Oh Noz! Glad all is okay.

    Go Bruins!

  4. Wah, satellite dish back up but not working so we're still on dial-up and no info on when we might be working again.

    Oh yeah, hi Dina (what nice weather), Maria (what excitement!), and Janet (what great beer).

  5. Andi, what big parentheses you have! :)

    All the better to (...hug...) you with. my dear.

  6. Our new roof is leaking. Not much and hopefully an easy fix, but it is le-sigh.