Friday, June 24, 2011


I didn't see the purple that the camera did. Maybe that means that camera has a better sense of a good photo than I do.

Taken June 11, 2011.

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  1. ... continued from last night.

    Janet, I'm so glad the concert was great -- though how it could have been anything but, I can't imagine.

    ... back to today

    High yesterday and today in the 70s but back to the upper 80s and 90s by next week. Wah, I hate hot weather; I want temps like this all summer! ::stamps feet::

  2. :;stamps feet along with Andi::

    We're back up into the 90s. BAH.

    Of the VERY good, in the midst of decluttering (aka, clearing crap out of the closet), I found 2 missing necklaces, which had been effectively missing since the day I moved in > 1 year ago!! I'm so chuffed! They were both hanging from the knob of a built-in hamper thingie (pretty unusable). I must've put them there on moving day and then when my clothes arrived, hung up the stuff and covered the necklaces by accident.

    My apt. looks a total wreck right now, with boxes and bags o'clothes strewn about. Someone from freecycle is supposed to come this evening to take the clothing. (mostly stuff that is now too big for me)

    I've been wanting to do this for eons, but never really had a reason to. I know it's going to be an all day effort to sort through the remaining stuff (including a 2.5 foot high pile of fun t-shirts plus a ginormous box o' odds'n'ends, aka cables, fasteners, fannish buttons, etc.)

    I'm in deep "get rid of stuff" mode this week. Can you tell? ::g::

    Happy Friday, all!

  3. Love the picture!

    Maria, good luck with the clean out. I keep meaning to do something like that but procrastination is me!

    Waves to all and have a nice Friday.

  4. Great photo of what a dear friend of mine calls "the soul of our planet".

    Andi, the concert was great. Once we left the area where the people were so rude. I realize it was a small, outdoor concert. But that doesn't mean people should have their backs to the stage and talk loudly about what somebody texted them. This wasn't young people being rude. This was ladies in their 40s and 50s. It wasn't just me who was getting ticked off either about it. But the people just didn't care. Typical rude stuff.

    So we moved closer to the stage. Apparently the masses had come to hear Joan Osborne who I can't listen to because her singing styles makes me want to clear my throat. And every song of hers is about her issues with religion.

    Once we got closer and away from the hags who felt their conversations were more important than the concert, the Taj Mahal Trio was great. He left the stage at the "fake ending" and people got up and moved. I even said to the people around us, "Rock Concert Movement #9 - The Fake Ending". He even said, "If you treat me nice, I'll come back." So some of us cheered and hoooted and of course he came back and did an encore.

    But what is up with people? Society in general is so rude. Same crap happened when we saw a Broadway production here for Wicked. Classless, loud, ignorant, selfish slobs.

    But... I wasn't going to let the bastards be a buzzkill.

  5. Midsummer Day today, should be lovely, but it's showery so far.

    Hopped across the pond today for a blog interview in Canada!

  6. Hey all of you writer types, I came across this link: Practical Tips on Writing a Book from 23 Brilliant Authors. I thought some of the ideas were interesting and echo some of the things I've heard mentioned here.

  7. Janet, rude people are why I almost never go to the movies any more.

    On Broadway, actors have been known to stop the show and single out the rude person. I like that a lot.

  8. I love throwing out stuff, Maria. We once rented a big dumpster and spend an entire day filling it. Very soul-satisfying.

    Waving back atcha, Dina. Have a good one.

    Oh Janet, we are in serious disagreement. I love Joan Osborne and she really doesn't do religous-themed stuff. I offer a couple of counter-arguments:

    What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted?

    Love is Alive

    Who Divided

    Very fun interview, Nicky. I love the compliment from your daughter Amelia. :)

  9. It's okay Andi, I just have never liked her stuff. Last night she was obviously tired (haggard) and her throat was very ragged. That was from one of her fans.

    Off to go meditate and try yoga. Cuz that's what us DFH's do right? :PI had a heck of time trying to get those damn pull over sports bras OFF in the dressing room yesterday. Ladies?!?! What is up with those things?!? Yeah, I'm a bit on the fluffy side but it's not like I have back boobies or anything. I had to wrestle one off and actually thought about hollering for help at one point. It's like wrapping a boa constrictor around your chest. Plus, the arthritis makes it hard to take some of my shirts off anyways. So I came home and took more anti-inflams and tried not to feel rejected, inspected, neglected and downright ... well, bummed out.

    But I bounced back and I'm going to walk tall into that studio and hold my head up high because at least I'm there and doing something about my health and well being.

    But.. I pity the first skinny minny henna covered, totally pierced, blonde dred Annie Wrecks It to even look at me wrong. I'll hip check her right out onto the hard concrete and double park her bony butt to the curb. (in a peaceful non-violent way, of course)

    Dina, us neither. I wait for the movie to come on DVD due to rude moviegoers.

    I'll read the 'view when I get back, Nicola.

  10. Just had a thought: if anyone fancies a shot at a free copy of my latest, go and comment on the blog and be in with a chance for a giveaway! I'd love it to be one of you guys!

  11. I just left a comment, Nicola, so here's hoping!