Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Court Jester

Taken June 10, 2011.

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  1. Good morning, gang!

    Had a lovely 4-day weekend (off Mon to work this Fri) -did a TON of decluttering. Got rid of 8 trash bags full of clothing that no longer fit (too big). Cleared out the drawer units (elfa) in the closet and now have a nearly empty one! Most of that one was filled with odds 'n' ends. Boy, am I an accumulator!

    I'm still working on clearing out books. Packed up several boxes, tote bins, need to go through another tote bin and a couple of shelves. Then, I'm hoping to connect with the folks donating books to the Joplin, MO libraries for pick up. I did try my local Friends of the Library, but they've not bothered to respond to my email. :(

    Weather is nasty muggy hot, but I shall ignore it. ::g::

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. Wow, that's some jester! And showing its prickly side too. What *is* that thing?

    Happy decluttering, Maria. Hope the Friends of the Library get back to you shortly.

    Any word on when Jim will come home?

    Not much to report here. I'm trying to get to work, but the girlies have bolted the manor & Mason is awake.

  3. Happy Tossing-out Tuesday, Maria.

    It's a horsemint, Farf.

    Jim update: there was a leak in the suction connector that slowed Jim's progress but now that it is fixed, his chest cavity is basically clear of air. They've turned off the suction and if he stays clear, they'll take out the chest tube tomorrow morning, wait 6 hours to make sure all is well, and if so, discharge him. Fingers. toes, and claws crossed here.

  4. Hi, all.

    I hope Jim is on his way home.

    Maria, I am very impressed.

    Love the Jester!

  5. Fingers crossed here too, andi!

    Yay on decluttering, Maria. I'm not very good at getting rid of stuff, but it feels good when I DO find the gumption to do it.

    Hope everyone has a great Tuesday - I'm off to a couple of meetings, and then theoretically work is going to arrive by the boatload. So I'm enjoying a few down minutes before the storm.

  6. A Triffid Jester.

    Leaking Suckage? Do we need to get him out of there and to another hospital? Poor Jim. Poor Andi.

    A bit freaked out at the moment. Dams threatened and flooding of two nuclear power plants in Nebraska, a wild fire in New Mexico again threatens a nuke lab. Maybe Mother Nature is trying to tell us something about nuclear nuttiness?

    My brother is again without a job and good ole "dad" left him in the lurch in regard to the apartment they were sharing briefly to go live with some druggie lady. No big shock to me. He has a whopping $6 to his name. I'll help him with food and a monthly bus pass so he can at least get around and look for work. Problem is, this time of year is the worst time for his asthma. No healthcare for him now.

    My son's program just let go two full time aids... daughter's high school is trying to cut $3 million for next year. 11 teachers. Gone.

    How's that war economy working out for everyone?

  7. Not on the way home, Dina, but getting closer to it.

    Sorry for the load of work heading your way, Beth, but I suppose the load of money that follows helps. :)

    Triffids! I didn't read the book until I was an adult, Janet, but I saw the movie when it first came out (I was 12) and it scared me so much that for months I would lie in bed at night and feel them in the bedroom waiting to get me.

  8. Yay! Tube is out! He's going to stay one more night just to be cautious and so unless something happens overnight, he'll be discharged in the morning.

  9. The downside to this is there'll be no nookie nookie at the F house tonight. :)

    Anid, we watched the BBC series The Day of the Triffids after 3 outof 4 of us read the short novel. Loved it! Very scary though to us all as it wasn't a Jason in a mask scary. We like the "What if" scaries. How would we fortify ourselves, or continue. Would we be the good guys or the Bush-League bad guys?

    I'd steal a big arse sail boat and try and grow stuff onboard. But then... Pirates would be a prob.

    Just glad Jim is coming home soon!!! Snoopy Hockey Happy Dance of Joy!