Monday, June 6, 2011

Cooling Off Period

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  1. Morning Gang.
    I love pup pics.
    My first weekend off was WONDERFUL. Quiet, unscheduled, doing what I wanted.
    Love Summer.
    Except for this darn heat.

    Andi, I'm glad the boys have some water to cool off in this year. Though it has been a feast or famine situation.

    Jim, loved you kiddo pics. I used to take pics of my classes and they got such a big kick out of it. You will miss the kiddos and some of your colleagues but not the work so much.
    I already have train I'm going to this morning for next year. New website host and situation we'll be using for teacher websites.

    So glad to hear the tornados missed FM and George.

    Waving to traveling Beth and picture-taking Maria and traveling Farf and entourage and Nancy and Janet and all others to come.

  2. ::waves at everyone::

    It's a Monday!

    ::sneaks back out::

  3. Hi, all. Love the pups as well!

    Here it is nice and cool. Lovely weather and I wasn't called for jury duty today. Of course, there is always tomorrow.

  4. Summer would be wonderful, Lisa, if it weren't for the hot weather. I wish many much cooler days for you and just the right amount of days with just the right amount of rain.

    ::waves to Maria::

    Oh Dina, getting called for jury duty is one of my biggest dreads. I've been on the list four times for the county and once for the feds. So far the only time I've been called the case got settled the day before it was going to start.

  5. Andi, I don't mind getting called but this is very inconvenient. I have a two week span and it looks like I have to check in every day. Which is very annoying. It also means going to Newark which is a bitch during commuting hours.

    The county has one day, one trial which makes much more sense to me.

  6. Hey everyone, thanks for the good wishes. Back at my sister's house, after traveling from Phoenix to MA on Wednesday, and spending the night with a dear friend in Boston. Crazy thunder and lightning show, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

    Then to upstate NY with my sis for my 30th college reunion. We had a wonderful time! Lots of catching up with long-lost friends, too much good food, wandering around campus and town reminiscing, and promises to get together with special folks soon. All in all, a really fun, rewarding time. I'm already homesick for the peaceful beautiful campus, and my few days away from reality.

    At my sister's in NH until Wed, when it's back to Phoenix, and then off to San Diego on Friday. Eventually landing in Idaho by next weekend.

    Will check in as I can. Glad to see Whit and Kelly and NP stopping in.

    Many congrats on retirement, Jim. You'll find yourself busier than you ever were when you were working.

    Best wishes for good weather, good health, and peaceful days to all -

  7. I did it today. I went in and quit my one position of one day a week at my job. So now it's only 4 days a week at my other position and I applied for the new store down the road from me that will be opening up in Sept.

    I did it. Yay!

    But what a busy day it was today. Yowzers!

    Hey KMc! Two Pootie blogs in two days. Hooray!

  8. And here I was thinking I was the big traveler for getting to Charleston and back, Beth. Your ability to cruise all round this country just amazes me.

    Way to go, Janet. Good luck!

  9. Ha, great shots Andi. Love the reflection in Sniff's photo. Looks painterly. Say, what it might look like had Sniff wandered into the pond at Giverny ... :D