Thursday, June 30, 2011

Coming Out of a Fog

Taken June 18, 2011.

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  1. Onward through the fog!! (us 70s kids remember that one, right, Farf?)

    Today is the last day of our fiscal year & we hit a long-wanted financial goal - which means, we (the staff) get to buy ourselves a fun toy. First year, boss offered a purple pool table if we hit $1MM. We did. This year (end of our 12th, we're voting on pinball machine, foosball machine or other like-items. I voted for pinball.

    On the home front, kitty is being picky picky eater recently. I think he's got a sinus infection, which means he can't smell his food, thus isn't eating well. We're going to visit the vet on Sat. a.m. I wish pet health insurance was useful, but it's ridiculously expensive for little return.

    Wishing you all a happy Thursday!

  2. Love the fog - how I feel most mornings as I wake up.

    Maria, I hope Kit is feeling better soon. And I agree about the pet health insurance. It sounds great but doesn't pay off.

    I hope everyone else is healthy and enjoying sunshine. It is beautiful here for the last day of June.

  3. Glad Jim is home, even if it is bruised and bumped.

    No runner-up money for the jingle, Lisa, unfortunately. Oh well, it was an interesting experience. In the end, my words beat out over 3000 other peoples' words, so I guess I should take pride in that, and forget about the rest of the schtuff.

    Cool and windy in North Idaho today - it beats the desert any day!

    Happy Thursday, all.

  4. Morning.

    Wayne's work team does these little "team building" restaurant meet ups. I "got to go" last night...

    It was hell.

    I didn't eat much because I mostly sat there and bit my tongue.

    Only two of the guys there were okay and they weren't American citizens. El Salvador and a technician visisting from Israel.

    The other guys... well one calls himself Redneck and he's "from" Arizona. Actually he moved there and thinks any natives of the area should "go back to where they came from." Total jerkwad.

    Wayne said last night afterwards that he really worries about the future of this country and our planet because those guys are supposedly smart and yet they are so ignorant. I think they are just lazy and it's so easy to hate and be "informed by Fox News". Wayne thinks this country is headed for a civil war in the next decade or so. All it will take is a few states to seceede and you'll have rockets red glare going over state lines. Or one of the nuclear power plants to go or another series of natural disasters where people are left to fend for themselves and finally get tired of being starved and left behind. All our money is tied up in keeping the rich rich and killing people in other countries. While our schools are turning out morons and the students can't use the bathrooms because they are so broken down.

    I'm hopeful but I think he's right to be concerned. Palin and Perry both have spoken numerous times about seceeding. "One nation"?? The fact that these two clowns are even close to being considered for candidates is scary.

    There was a point during the meal last night where the Israeli guy asked if the talk about the military could cease because he had been in combat, as had the man from El Salvador.. and Wayne had been on missions. The others hadn't been but then most warmongers never have. He and I mostly spoke - we talked about our families and music (Himmelman). Turns out he's originally from Romania. But the others... they even started talking about the song "I'm proud to be an American"... It's like they could only talk about a few things. Their scope of things were so limited and they kept going back to the same, tired stuff. I' got up and took a break.

    I ended up having a pitcher of margaritas.

  5. Hi everybody.

    Night everybody.