Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Closing the Gate on Charleston

Taken May 29, 2011.

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  1. ... continued from last night.

    Today's post is just perfect for you too, Beth. The gate's closing on Phoenix but it's always read to open somewhere else.

  2. Yes it is, andi. Good thing gates serve both purposes! Closing the gate on my visit to my sister today, which is always sad.

    Hope everyone has a peaceful day - I'll be playing in airports and airplanes most of it. I'll wave as I fly over you!

  3. Morning.

    So reading the title, does that mean we won't get to see any more photos?

    Beautiful patterns with the wrought iron and the herringbone floor. And the bit of green and red.

  4. Morning! I posted my pic, along with a bunch of shots of Mason doing his thing (which is, of course, being the World's Cutest Grandkid).

    Happy trails, Beth (seems like I've said that before)!

    Candis, maybe the Charleston photos are done, but we'll see all sorts of other cool things from Andi's camera…

  5. Pretty, pretty gate!!

    Wednesday hump day and boy, howdy a crazy week. It's the end of our fiscal year and we're trying to make a revenue goal (achievable, IMHO). If we make it, we get a fun treat--the first year, we made $1 million, and we got a purple pool table. I'm voting for pinball machine this time!

    Will be working Friday as part of the effort, but I'll suck it up. After all, I used to work 50-60 hr weeks. Gotten so used to 4 days, though.

    Beth, happy & safe travels!

    We're bracing for the "massive heat wave" (per WaPo). I am not amused. There will be no outside photos from the Nikon until the weather breaks, damn it.

    Wonderful Wednesday to all!

  6. The heat, it is here - and I hate it.

    Languid wave to all - not much else I can do.

    Though I did get released early yesterday from jury duty and don't have to check in until next week. Which is good in this heat!

    Stay cool, all.

  7. Wishing an uneventful day for you, Beth. May you escape airplanes and airports as quickly and painlessly as possible.

    Candis, between the posts and email, you've seen all the best ones but I'll post some links below in case anyone wants to see some more.

    Love, love, love the picture of Mason and the cat (but the slide pic is a very close second). :D

    It's been in the 90s here for several days, Maria. Ugh. This is not supposed to happen in June.

    Yay for jury duty escape, Dina!

    Charleston links:

    Charleston from the harbor

    Fort Sumter

    Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge I

    Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge II

    Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge III Hey Beth, is that you in the boat?

    Ocean at Folly Beach

    Riding through history

  8. I'm very disappointed in Obama... again. He's backing Monsanto instead of consumers. Frankenfoods coming to a store near you. Well, it's already at your store.. But try to eat local foods. Organic or not, local is better. Fresher, and will help your local economy.

    I still have to get my chocolate, tea and coffee from non-local areas of course, but at least it's direct trade.

    I'll look at all the purdy pix tonight when I get home.

    New "meds" have been remidning me why I HATE pharmaceuticals LOL. Nasty stomach issues and seeing if the bennies outweigh some of the side effects.

    Ciao Meow!

    Oh, I had a early morning dream that I worked for Andi and Jim. I was being trained how to be a fern farmer. Weird. It was one of those Imposter Syndrome sort of jobs feeling. I had no clue what I was doing. LOL.

  9. Re the Dream:

    Jim and Andi were cast as Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler "OH JIM!" Moore.

    I musta ate something really strange before dinner.

  10. I don't need know that I need a fern farmer, Janet, but I definitely could use a fern (and moss) identifier so please come apply for the job. As for the me/MTM mind meld -- oy gevalt.

  11. Janet, you're on some really strong meds. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery. :-)

  12. I know. I can't believe they legalize some of this stuff they dole out. Sheesh. : )

    Actually, I'm not sure I condone this stuff. It's not like it grows out of the ground. :)

    Reallllly makes me uncomfortable that one of the "side effects" is DEATH.

  13. Made it back to Phoenix safely - easy flights, no delays or problems. Worked most of the night. Tomorrow, loose end tying up, and saying goodbye to my life in the desert. And Friday, back to the beach.

    Thanks for the safe travel wishes - they helped!

    And now, bed. Night all!