Friday, June 17, 2011

Arms and the Man Has Eyes on The Prize

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  1. Pretty flutterbys!!

    I am cautiously optimistic this a.m. and have showered and prepped for the mimes. So far, so good.

    I don't think I shall be at the top of my game, but as long as I'm hovering somewhere around the middle, I'm good.

    Today brings my new Chromebook! yes, yes, I know...early adopter and whatnot. I realized that for laptop purposes, I was 99% using only Internet capabilities, so this whole back & forth about laptops could be answered with this one...I think. It's on the truck for delivery today, so we'll see.

    Wishing everyone a great Friday!

  2. Thinking good thoughts for you, Maria. I'm just about to take my sister to get her colonoscopy so I like to think that her prep work last night took a load off you and put it on her (and out of her). ;)

  3. Andi - HA! I'm still wiping tears of laughter off my face--thanks for that. ::g::

  4. Hi, all. Maria, I am surprised your stomach didn't roll after reading Andi's post!

    Feel better and Andi, I hope the results are worth the effort for your sister.

    Off to the gym.

  5. Glad you're feeling better, Maria, albeit cautiously. Good luck! Bland food be your friend...

    And hope your sister's procedure is painless, andi.

    Enjoy the gym, Dina!

    I'm hitting the road. More beaches to drive past and wander on, and then family to visit. A good Friday! Even if it does involve 6-8 hours of driving.....

  6. OMG, Beth's in Portland!?!?! Where? When? I live right outside of the city in Beaverton. Portland is onlly 4 miles away.

    On Sunday we're have a huge Gay Pride Parade thru the streets. Few weeks back, 2 men were beaten severely just for holding hands near Hawthorne bridge so there was an outpouring of healing needing. 4,000 people held hands across the bridge. Our American Taliban Rag of a paper didn't/wouldn't cover it - the beating or the vigil. Instead they covered a 15 person Tea Party (I don't know what they were belly aching about but it's usually pathetic) So I expect this Sundays parade to be super larger than normal.

    I was pig headed and ate some last day of school pizza last night. Cheese. I woke up to looking like a freaking froggy faced glub eyed maroon. Sinuses are all swollen and I'm going to pay for this. I just have to be pig headed and be completely Dairy Free. I have to. And I need to remember that nothing tastes as good as vertigo or swollen eyes feels bad. Freak... I can't even breathe right. Damn my stubborness. LOL I've been doing so good up untill now.

    I think with the last dya of school I just started remembering my Mom trying to hold on to see Wes graduate. She died a week later... Customer came through my line whose mom is dying and in Hospice Care (something my mom and her rednecks refused) She said her family is ultra KKKonservatie (she mentioned the K's) and that they were busting her up about putting her mom in hospice care. We talked. And she came back later and said talking to me for 2 mins made her feel better than the 10 days of talking to friends about it. So that helped her. But it also really brought it all back for me. I think it would have come back anyways.

    Off to take Mr. Bike Man to the VA for PT.

    Hope I get to meet the Fleeing Fugitive Beth at some point in her travels of the wonderful coastline of Oregon. It's supposed to be lovely weather this weekend. A mixture of all that is Maritime weather, of course. :)

    Andi, three thumbs up for helping with spreading the word that we need to check our rear ends. Hope she gets the all clear.

    Wage Peace you guys!

  7. Maria, I passed your thanks on to my sister since she's the one that provided the laugh. ;)

    Hope your results at the gym were worth the sweat, Dina. :)

    Safe travels, Beth. I'm having a big sigh just thinking about the beautiful mountains in Idaho.

    Janet -- you and Beth in the same town at the same time. I think that might bust the time-space continuum. :D

  8. Just wish I could have known in time to have possibly seen her as she zoomed by.

    It'd take me a solid week to explore just the Northern coastline of Oregon and that'd be rushing things. :)

    Hoping she gets to do a voodoo donuts stop-driveby. Maple Bacon Bars. :P

    If any of you all are in Portland, please please please let me know. I'll either meet you somewhere or have you over for margaritas and some belly laughs.

    I'd feel really sad if you came to town and I didn't get to give ya some loving.

  9. If Jim and I are ever in Portland again, Janet, we'll be sure to meet you at Powell's.

  10. Which one? :) The one here in B'Ton is very near my favorite Thai diner where I could treat ya to a great lunch.

    But if it's the Portland one, you could also go shop at the Buffalo Exchange or have something to eat at the Crystal Ballroom.

    And as you fly out of the PDX, the airport has a le Powells. Once you get through zeeHomeland Zeecurity.

    I'm thinking of getting a Teardrop camper/trailer for easier camping. Anyone got one?

  11. The big Portland store, of course. I love that place. And then we can go to my favorite downtown restaurant, Pazzo.

  12. Ah. City Blocks! Dtwon on Burnside. The one my boss broke the plate glass window in her, thankfully not injurious, car accident a few weeks back.

    It's a plan!

    While I have you in Portland, we'll get some donuts and get you tattooed. ;P Okay.. well maybe not.

    But we should stop by the Lucky Lab Pub in that area. If you want to do anything athletic and physical, I'd have to lend you to Wayne and my daughter, Danni. They'd send you out hiking some gawdforbid dormant volcano or something nucking futs like that.

    I could bring a basket to make you a personal margie out in a park. Our city is the city of bridges and parks.


  13. We should go to Washington Park! I love it and it's great for hiking (and looking at volcanoes in the distance). And then lolling through the Japanese Garden.

    Nighty night.