Monday, May 2, 2011

WTF! Sticks Aren't Supposed to Move!

Taken April 18, 2011.

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  1. Up early, but crawling back to bed. Yesterday's stress plus post-con exhaustion = migraine. Bah.

    Hope you all have a great Monday.

  2. Cuppa tea later. Just cover your head and snuggle with Kit.

    Andi, So are you up in a tree taking this pic?
    No way I'm hanging on the wrong side of the dog and a snake.
    You are a braver gal than I.

    23 days and counting. WooHoo.
    And I hope we can drain as much of the rain as possible before these clouds head north.
    We need the water!!!

    Marvelous Monday to All.

  3. The PTB must have decided to be lenient with me. Got up a bit ago, decided to unpack (aka toss dirty clothes into hamper).

    The missing keys: right there. In the suitcase that not only *I* searched a couple of times, but the security guy watched/helped me look through.

    Go figure.

    I'm VERY glad I don't have to pay for a new electronic key for my building. The replacement physical keys for the apt. cost me $40 last night. This backup set is going to go to my office with me and live in a drawer.

    Migraine still in evidence...

  4. What a night that was! It's good that Bin Laden is dead. Hooray.

    But. I'm sad, too.

    My sadness is from the fact that 1 million Iraqis are dead.
    White Phospherous was used and orphaned children will have those burn scars for life.
    Pregnant Iraqi women were picked off by our snipers while trying to enter the last womens' clinic.
    Abu Ghraib
    We use the word "detainee" and no one blinks.
    Wounded veterans being arrested for wearing peace symbols
    Even progressives are condoning the detaining and torture of Bradley Manning
    First responders are dying and they are getting the shaft
    Trillions of dollars each year are being spent for war instead of our children's future.
    We live and are ruled by fear.
    We gave up our basic rights like a hooker giving up safer sex for an extra $5.

    Yeah, this is a day to celebrate.

    Why werent the CIA ops and Navy Elites sent on a "mission" in the first place?

    Will this shut up the Teapublicans now? Can we point at them and call them batshit crazy without "fear"?

    Oh look, the fear alert is still up. Better keep your 4 oz shampoo bottles.

    But still, hooray. And Go Navy.

  5. Yay for finding keys, Maria, but very big feh on the migraine.

    Lisa, huge yay and even bigger mazel tov on hubby's new job!!!

    No worries, Kelly -- it's just a very harmless (if you aren't a mouse) black rat snake.

    Janet, I have very mixed emotions as well.

  6. As my husband said last night - who was part of the Navy's very elite squad... you don't wage war on terroris. You assassinate terrorists.

    War was NOT the answer after all. You can't invade or occupy terrorism.

    Bush was too busy going after Valerie Plame than he was is old oil venture partner Bin Laden.

    Hey McCain! Didn't you say you'd never go into Pakistan?? Eff you!