Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Two-two-two-flowered Cynthia

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  1. Hi Cynthia — and bye-bye, VGW!

    Not much to say as I get ready to caffeinate and hit the road… still waking up!

  2. @ the mimes WITH a/c - yes! ::pumps fist in air::

    I was totally ready to turn tail and head back to work @ home if the a/c hadn't been fixed.

    My eye inflammation is back. Bah humbug. Low grade, but I'm back on 3 sets of drops daily. Doc figures it's just one of those chronic things I have in my body & that flares up occasionally.

    The silver lining to it all: because it's medical in nature, my eye doc visits are covered by my medical insurance & not the crappy vision coverage. So I only pay $20 copay. Plus, she's awesome and plys me with samples of the very expensive eye drops.

    Counting down the days for Lisa & Jim!!

    Terrifical Tuesday to all!

  3. Hi Farf and Maria. We've been without power since 7 p.m. last night with no time for restoration scheduled. I'm not at home now so can say "hi" but don't when I'll be really back.

    But there will be posts whether I'm "here" or not -- thank you, automatic scheduling.

  4. My thoughts are with you all who are near those T zones. It seems the death count keeps rising.

    Can we now discuss the severe weather patterns like adults?? I don't think we can wait for all these old Republicans to die off before we can start mending things.

    Take Andi, Maria and Farf - and whoever else saddles up to the bar.

  5. It seems fitting that today is "Towell Day"

    Don't Panic!

    Gawd I miss Douglas Adams...