Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Topography of Light and Dark

Taken , 2011.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Love this one, Andi. Particularly the eyes at the bottom right!

    Happy Saturday, people.

  2. I have this urge to throw some pennies in there :)

    Portland Winter Hawks lost their run for the Memorial Cup (it's like the Stanley Cup but for the WHL) last night. We were in attendance with some co-workers. It was a decent game, very proud of our boys this season. Next year it will be all different as they grow up and get drafted or go on to college. (If they don't get picked to move forward, their college is all paid for). Far better than any crappy "GI Bill".

    Buying some Adirondack chairs for the backyard. I've wanted some real wooden ones for a LONG time. Going to stain them a dark red. Whoot!

    Blood Orange Margaritas when I get done with my errands. Have a great day you guys.

  3. Hey folks! I've been so distracted, I just figured I did something wrong when I couldn't get to the blog. Then I had a flashback to when Blogger ate my blog, and had that sinking feeling...

    I'm glad you're up and running again!

    Still working 20-hour days. Nuts. We're trying to figure out how to create a framework for the new workflow, but in the meantime, there are two of us trying to do the work of many more. It's hard to find balance. I did see a friend from Texas play music last night, and that was awesome!

    I never got to share my news. Our Folgers jingle made the five finalists! Thanks to all of you for voting for it. Now the guys will perform it on June 16 for the judges in NYC, and the grand prize awarded.

    So if you're around TImes Square on the 16th, the performances will be shown on the JumboTron. Woo hoo!

    Back to work. Hope everyone is doing well.

  4. I love taking pictures of the light and shadow patterns in the creeks, Dina, so I'm very happy to have you like the shot.

    Janet, feel free to throw to your heart's content. We can always use the money. :D You should take some pics of the chairs after you get them stained and link to them here so we can all see your handiwork.

    Hiya Beth! That's really great news on the jingle. Not so great news on the 20 hours days.

  5. Will do Andi!

    Here's a link to my latest handiwork!

    Blood Orange Margaritas. Nothing says Hockey Margie like a recipe that calls for "blood and pulp" :)