Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Poetry Post

Rock-a-bye Bebo

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A Fallen Tree
by Howard Simon

Who will dance with the wind now that you’re really gone?
Who will catch the sun’s rays on the hot summer morn?

Who will slow down the gust when it’s out of control?
Who will dilute the air that’s toxic to my soul?

Who will speak to the clouds about sending the rain?
Who will shelter me from the storm and soothe my pain?

Who will stand in the rain when others hide away?
Who will provide a place for little birds to play?

Who will catch my rain drops before they touch the ground?
Who will keep luxuriant grass from turning brown?

Who will present me a fruit for my morning dish?
Who will nourish my eyes and satisfy my wish?

Who will fix this huge hole in the soil of my heart?
Who will give me comfort now that we are apart?


  1. That was not the tree that killed our electricity last week. It was about 75 feet tall and has a diameter of about 4 feet where Bebo is standing. I think we'll stay warm for a winter or two with that one.

  2. Wow, Bebo doesn't know her own strength! Have fun cutting that sucker up…

    I got tagged to preach on a holiday weekend. That's actually not a bad thing: we're having a Memorial Day ceremony, which will cut into the time I'd have to fill otherwise, and lots of people will be off doing Other Stuff for the long weekend anyway. Time to shower and get looking semi-presentable…

  3. BOHICA has a few words about the Memorial Day Sales and other forms of war worship at the big orange.

    I look forward to the day when we have a parade for those who help, assist and care for the children of the world. Not for those who ignore their continued suffering as they slap another rib eye on the gas grill.

    I won't hold my breath. This country makes too much money on war.

    Also, flags don't belong on cars, or on bikinis, or as tableware.

    Memorial Day Weekend. Instead of it being about a solemn time to reflect... it's just another long weekend to forget.

    Andi, Jim - glad you have power back and enjoy the couple of cords of wood these next few winters. :)

  4. Hi Jim. That's a really lovely poem.

    I think we'll stay warm for a winter or two with that one.

    Hope it's not too far to haul the wood - is it nearby the homestead?

  5. Hi Farf, hope your preachin' went well.

    Sorry about your Sharks, Janet.

    Candis, the gray that you can see through the leaves just above Bebo and the tree is the house. Any more convenient and it would be in the living room.

  6. Thanks Jim! Well, they just didn't show up most of the time. Can't win hockey games unless you show up. Go Bruins. Alternative heartache since the Meester is from Danvers. AKA Old Salem Village.

    We need to find a good wood guy here. Had only woodstove for heat down in California. No AC even. Got central air and heating here now as that was my foot being put down on the whole house buying gig part two. :) But we have 2 fireplaces - which we use only when we're putting off like we're special or for friends/holidays. But Wayne bought "the house" (what he calls getting himself gadgets and using the excuse as we needed it anyways for "the house") a cowboy pit for the outdoors. It's pretty neat and looks lovely on our back deck. Checked and it's legal to have it where we're at. But we need wood.

    Planted some peas along an elfish trestle on our property. We'll see what the Squirrels have to say about it though. A peanut shell does grow stuff! We have itty bitty peanut plants popping up! Courtesy of the Squirrels.

    I see that Sarah Palin managed to make another holiday or tragedy all about her again. Can someone put us out of her misery?